A Benign Bastille Day

Yesterday, the bunch of us piled into several cars, and headed first to The Delectable Egg, in Westminster, CO.  This was our Birthday Brunch for the twin ladies.  Melissa took excellent care of our large group, and we continued the fine conversations from last night.


SAM_5224          SAM_5226

Afterwards, five of us headed to Boulder, where we first went up to the Flatiron area, on Flagstaff Mountain.  We got a fine view of UC- Boulder, below.


The twins and their men are thoroughly impressed with the view.

SAM_5231   SAM_5232

Our next stop was Boulder Canyon.  The falls trail was closed, but we got some nice views from the fence, anyway.

SAM_5238     SAM_5256


SAM_5250    SAM_5253


The imp in me was sorely tempted to hop the fence and be photo’d inside the hole in the rock!

We capped a perfect outing with a visit to Pearl Street Mall, for ice cream, hot Puer tea, and an hour’s worth of browsing.  A didgereedoo player added to the festivities, as did a bubble man and a violinist.

SAM_5257        SAM_5258


There is something for everyone in Boulder.

16 thoughts on “A Benign Bastille Day

    • My sister-in-law’s boyfriend looks a bit like me, but he is not my biological brother. he is a fine man, though. We saw the detritus of fires from last year. This year’s blazes were not up here, but more around Colorado Springs.


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