From Home to Home, and Back, Days 8-10: Showering with a Dog, and Other Unique Events

Upon arriving at the home of my brother Glenn and SIL Barbara, on the night of August 30, I spent about 40 minutes catching up on Saugus World, tried on the clothes I had bought at Burlington Coat Factory, during a pit stop in Worcester, MA, then tumbled into the guest bed.

It was thundering and flashing when I awoke the next morning, so as I went in to take my turn in the shower, I was joined by their dog, Cati, who took a spot on the throw rug by the tub.  It seems this how some dogs cope with loud noises and electric energy coming from the skies.  I did my avuncular duty to the baby dog, and carefully stepped over her, after the shower was done.

These things come naturally to us, in my exponentially extended family.  I was, on the other hand, informed that none of my cousins would be available to see me, at any point during my visit.  No explanation was provided, but whatever.  My siblings, nieces and nephews were all on hand on Sept. 1, to honour my mother, as her 85th birthday is approaching.

I have posted some of the photos of that day, on Facebook, but will put them here, for those who get Update Fatigue from that medium, and just need a place where they can read my posts, not comment, and no one will care.  I get it. Some of my best friends get Update Fatigue, as do I sometimes.

The first step in any celebration is the set-up.  I helped with this, also.


My family mainly hung out in the living room, as it rained off and on, for the two hours of the first gathering.




Someone practices his grandparenting skills.


The guest of honour presides.


Rain did not deter the kids, big or small.



The world’s best babysitter.


In the evening, some of us gathered at a local restaurant.





Like our last mass-gathering for her 75th, Mom’s 85th brought many of us together in joy and unity.

13 thoughts on “From Home to Home, and Back, Days 8-10: Showering with a Dog, and Other Unique Events

  1. I’m glad you had a good visit for your mom’s birthday, Gary. Although similar things have happened in my family too, it’s appalling to me that your cousins wouldn’t be available to see you when you take the trouble to drive across country — some of them are also related to your mom, too! But the important thing is that you got there, and that the birthday was a joyous day! (((hugs)))


  2. You mom looks great. I wod not have guessed that she was that old. My dad just turned 84, and herides his bike a couple of miles most every day. He has more energy than I do.


    • It’s my goal to be as energetic as your Dad, when I’m that age, and older, for two reasons: The woman I love is quite a bit younger than me, and I want to be worth her time. Secondly, it’s just good sense to treat one’s body well.


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