Lost in Transit, or Just Slow

July 27 was one of those days when I got everywhere, and nowhere, at once.  The day before was rather cut  and dried.  I set out from Ottawa, KS, at the right time, then got as far as Wellington, by lunchtime.  I chose Penny’s Diner, for obvious reasons.  My waitress was a lovely woman, but rather stern-looking, which was okay, since I’m not on the prowl.


I drove down to Enid, OK and spent the rest of the day at J. E. Glaze’s house, discussing certain matters with him, once he got done with work.  Early the next morning, J was still sleeping.  I left a jar of Wyoming Pickled Okra on his table, and set out towards Colorado, passing through the Oklahoma Panhandle, and these jarring scenes.



I stopped for lunch on Saturday in Laverne, OK, just south of the Kansas line.



I ended up driving on back roads, to the extent that my calculations about arrival time for meeting a former Xangan, who was in need of advice, in Manitou Springs, were way off.  I was able to reschedule the meeting for Tuesday, but it was still an “egg-on-the-face” moment.  After dinner in Larkspur, I just headed on up to my Colorado nest- in Northglenn.

Next:   At Long Last, Eldorado Springs.

11 thoughts on “Lost in Transit, or Just Slow

  1. I’m glad you clarified that the first house shot isn’t John’s! But I’m glad you had a chance to see him along your way. That’s pretty desolate looking countryside.


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