Manitou Springs, Between Fire and Flood

Tragically, many of my favourite spots in Colorado have suffered both fire and flood, last year and this, and most recently, yesterday.  I was in Manitou Springs, one of the state’s most magical little art havens, on July 30 & 31.  Here are some scenes from Day 1.

I started off with a hearty lunch, at Heart of Jerusalem.


The architecture, and the cute names of some of the shops, kept me interested for the hour I had to spend, before a friend from Colorado Springs came, for consultation on some matters that were bothering her.








Barker House is one of two signature hotels in Manitou.


The pathways themselves proved captivating.




Having helped my young friend to see things in a different light, I resolved to come back to Manitou, the next day, and focus on those areas I had not seen.   Day 2, next time.

16 thoughts on “Manitou Springs, Between Fire and Flood

  1. Great shots, Gary, that show the character of the town. It looks a little like Glenwood Springs on the other side of the mountains. I hope the floods subside soon in that part of the world!


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