Manitou Springs, Day 2

My second day visiting Manitou Springs was also the day I was headed out of the Front Range, July 31.  My focus during that hour or so was on Miramont Castle, the most impressive structure on the hillside adorning Manitou’s south side.  Still, I began with the creek which runs through Manitou’s center, and which became a raging torrent during the recent floods which have ravaged this beautiful town, along with much of the Rocky Mountain core.  On that day, though, things were quite salubrious.


Many ornamental gift shops open, wherever large numbers of Mexican people visit.   There is one such shop in Manitou, and it’s quite colourful.


There is a wall around Miramont Castle.


I hope this garden path is still intact.


The remaining shots are of the castle itself.






Miramont has guided tours of the interior, for a fee.  I may take advantage of that, the next time I am in Manitou Springs.  Hopefully, this town, and others, have not suffered irreparable harm.

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