From Home to Home, and Back, Day 13, Part II: Pigeon Cove and Halibut Point

The west side of Rockport has the village of Pigeon Cove, and Halibut Point State Park.  The latter gave me the first of two good hiking opportunities, on Sept. 3.  It offers clifftop to beach and quarryside walks.

Here are several views of the trail, the ocean, the quarry pond and the Visitor Center, at Halibut Point, followed by a shot or two of Pigeon Cove.  The first photo is of the old quarry master’s house, at Halibut Point.


Next, is a farm shed and well.


Now, on down the trail to the seaside.





The above scenes evoke Bandon, OR and Kalalaoch, WA.



Cairn art, similar to this, is found on several New England beaches.SAM_6717

Now, for several views of the abandoned quarry, now a gorgeous little pond.





The last views at Halibut Point are of the watch tower.  An osprey graced the roof peak, as I walked around below.



Here is a range of  rock samples obtained from the quarry.


Lastly, here are the two most prominent structures in the village of Pigeon Cove. First is the community church, followed by a private home.



Next:  The first of three posts on Gloucester, MA

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    • It is definitely so New England. 🙂 Janet, i have deleted the third post from last night, as it is not something of which I am proud. As for “offending” friends, with regard to Xanga 2.0, I have contacted the Xanga Team for assistance, and have yet to get any help, despite having paid for a year’s subscription. I will post on Xanga, again, as soon as I am allowed back on.


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