From Home to Home, and Back, Day 13: Gloucester, Part 2- Stacy Esplanade and Stage Fort Park

Gloucester is a walking town, though if it hadn’t been, I’d have made it so.  As it is, Stacey Promenade, named for a local hero, guides one along the harbor beach.  South of the beach, Stage Fort Park has trails that wind around, the cliffs above Gloucester Harbor.

Here we go- scenes from the afternoon of September 4.

Meet Gloucester Harbor.



There are two stand-out statues along Stacy Esplanade.  The first is the Fishermen’s Memorial.



A shoutout is here, to George O. Stacy, for whom the Esplanade is named.


The second important statue commemorates the wives of fishermen.


Once the Esplanade ends, Lucy Brown Trail begins, and takes one into Stage Fort Park.


This remarkable cliffside path reminds me of Golden Gate Park, in San Francisco.


These cannonades are reminders of the War of 1812.


One may sit for hours here, and contemplate the sea.


Along any beach in New England, there are small forested islets.


Looking across Gloucester harbor, one sees abandoned factory buildings, where fish used to be processed.


Wind power is a growing focus, along the coast.


Kelp is a major product of the northeast coast.  Altogether now, “EEEWWW”! 😛  Seriously, tough, this product is great for pregnant women, seeking to keep their iron intake up.


There are stairs aplenty, for those needing aerobic exercise.


Octopus Head Rock sits atop an eastern cliff in Stage Fort.


I spotted the turret of Hammond Castle, across the way, on the far south side of Gloucester.


Atop Stage Fort Park, the Girls’ Track Team, from Gloucester High School, was having a practice.  Since I don’t photograph other people’s children, without their parents’ permission, my focus went to reminders of Gloucester’s place in Colonial America.



Gloucester, like most small towns, has a gazebo in its main park.


Finally, Stage Fort Park’s southwest corner has a statue of Triton, mythical son of Poseidon.


Next;  Gloucester, Part 3, the Interior of Downtown and the North Side.

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