From Home to Home, Day 13, Gloucester, Part 3: The Hillside and North Harbor

Gloucester’s Italian and Portuguese communities tend to live on the hillside, west of the harbor.  Government structures are also found there.

I started my journey away from harbourside, by crossing to the Botanic Garden, in the median.


On the west side of the street is this memorial to Gloucester’s WWII veterans.


To get up into the neighbourhood, it is necessary to cross this canal bridge.


There is a mini-version of Boston’s North End here, in on Gloucester’s West Side.


Culture is well-represented.


Here are a near and a far view of Gloucester City Hall.



I tend to stay out of museums, when the weather is nice, but here is the Cape Ann Museum of History, for another day.


Maritime Heritage Center is also a must, for those who seek to understand a hard-working seaside community.


I ended my day by contemplating this roof cupola.


I am always proud of my New England heritage, so these three posts on Gloucester show what matters to me, in terms of nature, community and honest work.

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