From Home to Home, and Back, Day 18: The Trees of Brooklyn, The Towers of Liberty

I made two very distinct stops, during my first visit to New York City in nearly 20 years:  The headquarters of Slow Food USA, in Brooklyn and the emerging Liberty Towers in lower Manhattan, on September 9.

Slow Food USA is an outgrowth of a movement which began in Italy, several years ago, as a reaction to the proliferation of fast food restaurants in Rome and the cities of the north.  Today, many countries have Slow Food movements, promoting the gathering of people around a carefully-cooked meal, preferably one with fresh ingredients.

I joined the HQ team, arriving at the tail end of their lunch break, as the younger members began to move back towards their desks.  The following photos show the area of Brooklyn near the Headquarters, and the office itself.



Once back outside, I took a few moments, while walking along Brooklyn’s busy streets, to admire a community garden, across the street from Slow Food, and a few tall buildings, en route to the subway.



Below are some views of Santa Maria SS Addolorata Catholic Church, in a still heavily Italian neighbourhood.




A few other spires caught my eye, from a distance, just outside Mocha Bagel Shop, near the Carroll Street subway.



Upon arriving in the area of Ground Zero, I sought solace in St. Paul Chapel.




Memorabilia of the horrible day are on display in the Chapel.



I found looking at the site, a good deal less daunting than I had anticipated.  It is still jarring- a work in progress, where once, there had been majesty and strength.  Now, at least, there is resilience.


Somehow, whenever I feel trepidation, or any other time I have needed it, one of these shows up- on the sidewalk, on the trail, or in a rock formation.  This one is of oak bark, and I found it on a Brooklyn sidewalk.  Someone looks out for me, all day, every day.


6 thoughts on “From Home to Home, and Back, Day 18: The Trees of Brooklyn, The Towers of Liberty

    • These are good days, Janet. A while ago, you expressed concern for an imbalance in my relationships. As it happens, the men and women in my life are probably equal in number. Case in point, Boulder Christina and dstarmanjones are the last two ex-Xangans I will visit, this trip.


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