From Home to Home, and Back, Day 20: September 11 at the JFK Presidential Library

I have been intending to visit the John F. Kennedy presidential Library, in Boston’s south side, for a long time.  Having been to Ground Zero two days prior, I decided to head to the museum that honours our 35th President, as a 9/11 activity.

There were several views of the Boston skyline, and of the Boston Harbor islands, from this peninsular vantage point.





Inside the Library itself, photography was prohibited, in the exhibit halls, but not in the Flag Hall.



Outside, one may see the pleasure boat, which the President and his family enjoyed so much at Hyannisport.


The exterior is also imposing.



Finally, my fellow travelers and I viewed some beach-type vegetation, in the Cape Cod style garden.


This was my last full day, in the Boston area.  On Day 21, Thursday, I headed down to southern Rhode Island.

Next:  Block Island, Part 1:  New Shoreham

4 thoughts on “From Home to Home, and Back, Day 20: September 11 at the JFK Presidential Library

  1. wow. thank you for the shots that you could get, of the library. very cool. he was an interesting man. the mate and i were just talking about him today. i had posted something re him on f.b. last week. He/JFK was saying that there are powers that would enslave all of us, and we need to be watchful, at the very least.


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