The Holding Pattern

I made a new friend, or so I think, not long ago.  I have a steadfast conviction that I am a loyal friend, and not pushy- though some have challenged me on that last point, over the last six months.  I also have a tendency to commit to service to my friends. I have made such an internal commitment to this new friend.  

The difficulty is that this person seems to have no need for my friendship, and so messages are unanswered and phone calls go straight to voice mail- which also goes unanswered, for several days at least.   I will not go to someone’s house uninvited- chalk that one up to my New England upbringing.  “Never go visiting without calling first!”

So it has gone, for the past three weeks.  I remain this person’s friend, in my mind and heart, but the one-way street develops pot holes very fast.  The holding pattern, as I sit here at home, on a Saturday night, dealing with this First World problem, has gotten old.  I will bake the squashes that are now in the oven.  I will try to get tech support, so that I may watch my DVD’s on television again, for the first time since I moved to Prescott.  I will resist the urge to hit the road again, for an extended period, with the mindset that at least while wandering, I can justify my failure to connect with someone in a meaningful way.  I will not go to a restaurant and occupy a dinner table for one- I leave that for Mr. Bitter.

I’m here if my friend needs me- all she need do is call or text.  In the meantime, I am keeping my First World problem at bay, by making other friends, as the occasion arises, and staying productive with work, acts of service, and enjoying our natural surroundings.  Life goes on.

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