Time Travel, in Downtown Brea

The last order of business, on my most recent visit to Orange County, was to have a “catch-up” dinner with an old friend.  This meant my first-ever visit to a Cheesecake Factory- an establishment that was long off-limits, for budgetary reasons.  This time, though, it was a go.

Before that, though, with an hour of free time after my hike in Carbon Canyon, I went to downtown Brea, and found several retro-1980 business establishments, mostly alive and well.





Alas, not all have thrived.


Downtown was in a suitable holiday mood.





This was a fine throwback to the time when I would take my students from Villa-Oasis School to a mall in Tucson, and enjoy treats at Farrell’s, after a movie and visit to Tower Records.  Back to the present, I met my friend from OC at the appointed time, and traded stories of one another’s 2013.  Being a skilled photographer, she was kind enough to adjust my lens, with the hope of clearer photographs.


A bright California sunset bid us go inside.


The food and conversation were well worth the time.

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