Snippets from A Strangely Powerful Week

In the past thirteen days, or so, I  have felt alternately centered and cast adrift, welcomed and shunned, honoured and shamed.  I did not know what to make of 2014, for much of the time.  I felt it imperative to leave one of my social media sites for a while, though I have to admit that it is hard to not have contact with the many in my life who have been part of my life for almost five years, and to be cut off with several in my inner circle of friends and family, who are incommunicado with me, but for Facebook.  It was a defense against personal attack, which triggered my departure; that, and a feeling that I let down someone who had been dear to my heart, for nearly three years.

The rest of my life, though, has actually shown more power, since New Year’s Day.  I have been to several well-attended gatherings, have hiked twenty-three miles, on seven different routes and maintained progress on personal growth goals, both spiritual and mental.  Four social, service-oriented activities in four days have found me quietly supporting some intense and well-organized cultural, educational and paramedical efforts.

I woke this morning to a new mantra running through my head- “Live this day, love this day”.  For a Monday, this is especially auspicious, and I know that this year, no matter the challenges and upsets which lie ahead, will also feature successes and adventures.  Light and shadow, ascents and descents- all will balance, over 11 1/2 months, and beyond.

10 thoughts on “Snippets from A Strangely Powerful Week

  1. Yes. Live THIS day. Love THIS day. Who knows what tomorrow will bring?

    My wish for this year, for you, is more centeredness, and peace in the midst of the times when you are cast adrift.

    I love you, Garebear.


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