The Hoot Owl Came To Call

I woke this morning, around 5:15, to get ready for work, and heard an owl hooting away, on my roof.  It left shortly thereafter, but was in the neighbourhood for about another 20 minutes.  I wondered about the occasion.

See, time was that an owl would show up and the next thing I knew, someone would be dead- of a sudden.  I get the feeling that’s not so, this time, as the day has passed and no one I know is any worse off than they were yesterday, and the weather is okay, most places- unlike last week.

2014 is turning out better than it first seemed it would.  Greeting the morning with “Live this day, love this day” helps, as of course does saying “Allah’u’Abha” (“God is the Most Glorious”) 95 times.  The whole snafu of last week, online, seems like a fading memory.  I take the reminder with me, that everyone’s feelings are important, 24/7- and if someone contacts me, it’s important to let him/her know that they have my undivided attention- or if I’m up to my ass in alligators, I will get back to them once the swamp is at a safe level.  This won’t bring back the lost friendship, but it will keep the list from growing.

That brings up the whole matter of my self-concept.  There are no saints in this world, and while I feel good about myself, I am no exception to that rule.  The last person I regarded as pure and saintly died nearly three years ago.  She stuck with this bucket of bolts for nearly thirty years, and God has surely found a fine place for her.

I am listening to a series of motivational tapes. “The Eleven Forgotten Laws”.  I listen to each tape three times, then go on to the next.  The most recent one with which I spent time is “The Law of  Supply”.  It confirms what I have felt for a long time:  “There is enough of everything we need.  The difficulty lies in the scarcity mentality.”  The key word here is “need”, and the operative for anyone is “Make an effort to get what you need, and be consistent about it.”  Fretting and cringing only make matters worse, though they are understandable.  They just don’t get anyone anywhere.

Well, that’s enough for today.  I am grateful for anyone and everyone who has stuck with me, even if you’ve been silent.  Anyone who has left, may as well know that I think no less of them, and love them no less.  Again, I’m far from saintly, but I am trying to take a lesson from every time I stumble.

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