The Daily Bruin, Volume 1, Issue 6, February 6, 2014

Personal/Social–  This could also be called spiritual, as tonight marks my return to hosting a Baha’i Spiritual Feast.  This is our community’s devotional and consultative gathering, held once each nineteen days.  Here in Prescott, we meet in each other’s homes or, occasionally, in an apartment complex clubhouse.  Ironically, this comes as I am one or two months away from moving closer to downtown Prescott.





It is a lot of work to host a Spiritual Feast, but no energy is better spent- and, yes, there was lots of food and there were copious beverages (but no alcohol).

Wider World- A lot of people are still getting sick- both physically and mentally.  I would ask my friends who are handling things pretty well, to remember that those who are suffering mental anguish need more patience, not less.  Of course, one should never allow oneself to be browbeaten, savaged or excoriated.  Neither should the suffering person experience the same.  It’s a matter of saying:  “ENOUGH!  When you are ready to speak to me with respect, then we may talk again.”  There is never a call for name-calling or ridicule.  We are all in this together.

Tomorrow night, we will be able to view the 2014 Olympics Opening Ceremonies.  I look forward to it, and send positive thoughts for the safety of one and all, throughout the proceedings.


Know, verily, the heart wherein the least remnant of envy yet lingers, shall never attain My everlasting dominion, nor inhale the sweet savors of holiness breathing from My kingdom of sanctity.

Bahá’u’lláh, The Persian Hidden Words, no. 6

I know just about everyone is saying TGIF.  I am, too, though it’s not been a bad week around here.  Sleep well!

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