The Daily Bruin, Volume 1, Issue 7- February 7, 2014

Tidbits- I had the good fortune of working at the nearby middle school.  I covered the SPED resource room, and found lots of buzz over the Valentine’s Dance, which happened this evening.  In between the teasing and flirting back and forth, the kids mostly got some work done.  The ones who stood out, though, were a pair of loners, who chose to just sit.  I sense there is more to these boys than most people seem to have registered, but at least the regular TA is aware of their issues, and can be a consistent voice on their behalf.

Broken record- People complain about a complainer.  Is any of that going to help my erstwhile friend, who is obviously in need of a caring, but strong, helper?  I’d be glad to get her back on track, and when she is no longer shutting me out, I will.

Giving- I’ve always given, without worrying about receiving.  My only thing is, it doesn’t always HAVE to be about money.  I am generous with my time, and attention to people.  Those need to matter, also.

Weekend- I thoroughly enjoyed the Crockpotluck, at the Legion, this evening.  It was satisfying to resist the urge to try every single dish, which would have been strenuous, and would have made me what the French call  un gourmand.  Tomorrow night, we have our monthly drum group, in Chino Valley.  Otherwise, tomorrow during the day, and on Sunday, I will be on the trail. 🙂

Olympics- The Opening Ceremony may have been quirky and somewhat photoshopped, but the vast majority of the presentation was as fascinating and moving as any I’ve seen.  The little dreamer, “Lubov”, the historical pageant and Maria Sharipova made for an enchanting opening.

Have an awesome Saturday, everyone.

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