Valentine’s Day, 2014

Whether you’re a lover or a fighter, I hope today meets your expectations.  This is my third Valentine’s Day as soul mate to a departed angel, and I am blessed with all manner of Earthly friends- of both genders and all ages.  It’s not necessary to always have a live, in-the-flesh type Significant Other.  If you do, though, I wish you both a warm and tender day of love.

I had the day off, as it is the day before a 3-day weekend, and no teacher likes to miss the Valentine’s Day parties at school- so few subs, if any, were called.  Have taken care of several process matters, relative to this house- and can relax just a bit, over the  Presidents’ Day weekend.  A couple of local events, and dinner with a friend, will take up tomorrow.  The trail is calling on Sunday.  Monday will be devoted to volunteer work.

Today, though, will see me spend the evening with friends in Flagstaff. I will stop and hike at Stoneman Lake,, en route.  Macy’s European Coffee House has a gathering, once a month, to talk about spiritual matters, from a Baha’i perspective.  While I don’t get up there every month, tonight is a perfect opportunity for this.  I can bring my oil samples and info with me, too, just to see if anyone might be in need of our fine products.

Sic semper amoris!

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