Embracing the Catapault

I spent the first two thirds of today as planned, attending a Civics Speech contest for high school students in the morning and a memorial service for a neighbour, in the afternoon.  These were punctuated by a conversation with the real estate agent who is handling the sale of the house in which I am living at present.

I was asked how much time I’d need to move.  Truth is, I don’t need much.  I moved a much larger household, in less than a week, in July, 2011.  Niceties, though, entail a decision by the property owners and my securing a residence.  The former is not my call.  The latter will involve  what I hope will be a brief search.  Considering the warp speed with which this process is moving, I trust I will land nicely on my feet.

As I approach the third anniversary of Penny’s passing, I feel a pullback from some of her family members.  Hopefully, this is not due to my moving out of what has been family property.  My in-laws have treated me like royalty for 33 years, and I quite honestly just want to help simplify their lives.

I also feel a pullback from some of my friends here in Prescott.  This was bound to happen, but while I am in the hands of a loving universe, with regards to where I live next, I prefer to stay in this area for at least two or three more years.  So, on Monday, besides doing a couple of service projects, I will go by the first place I have in mind for my next residence, and see what’s available.

I am familiar with this catapult.  I’ve held onto it before, and been flung quite a few interesting places.

4 thoughts on “Embracing the Catapault

  1. Ugh, moving is somthing I shudder to think about. We’vd lived in this house for 25 years, and have amassed a ton of, well, stuff. I would like to just take a few belongings and abandon the rest! Good luck finding your next place.


    • I want to simplify, even more than I have already. It’ll happen. I probably will dump the TV and just have Internet service, watch my shows online, etc. I will check out a place tomorrow, and keep plugging away until I get situated.


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