Trailheads and Paths, Issue 14: Halls of Eastertide

On this Easter, 2014, let me share the final segment of my March 23, 2014 visit to San Gabriel, CA:  The church itself.

Here, en route to Mission Church, is the Mission Elementary School.


Here is the Campanario, or Bell Assembly, on a wall separate from the Mission Church itself.



The Mission Church’s main entrance features this decorative door.


A statue of Father Junipero Serra greets all who approach the Mission


Inside, it is the Holy Spirit Who hosts one and all.


The deacon has his own loft.


So, too, does the choir.


The adjacent museum features one of the original decorative columns on the outside.


Glimpses into the lives of the monks also continue here, as they did in the Garden.  The Abbot’s bedroom was small, yet looked comfortable enough.


Here is one more look at the Mission Church, as the congregants prepared for a mid-Lenten after-Mass gathering.


The Pride of the Missions certainly lived up to its sobriquet on that sunny and happy day.

NEXT:  Last, but not least, on my latest California jaunt, was Redlands.

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