The Road to 65, Day 21: White Horses, Black Hearts

December 19, 2014, Prescott-  Much has been said, all over the place lately, about the Congressional Report on Torture, and about the North Korean reaction to “The Interview”, a Sony feature film about…. North Korea.  As is often the case on social media, people are bickering, squawking, yelling at each other, breaking out flame throwers, and just about anything else that can be done to silence those of opposing viewpoints, on both matters- as well as such arresting topics as “What should Celebrity X have named her new baby?”

I have dear friends on both sides of each issue, and some who are on both sides, depending on which cactus patch into which they stumbled, in the dark, on the way to the theater.  My own take on each subject, seriously, is as follows:

IS (Islamic State), is the acronym which I will use to identify the current group of flaming imbeciles who are now practicing to be members of the Society for Creative Anachronism. ( I have a young friend named Isis, and I feel badly for her having to sit through her high school Channel One sessions).  Anyone who beheads, rapes, dismembers or otherwise deprives another human being of his/her God-given rights, purely on ideological grounds, does not deserve to take part in the life of society.  No Prophet of God ever said otherwise, although there are some who believe that They did.  I believe that the death penalty should apply in severe cases, such as mass murder, beheading, child rape and armed attacks on schools.  This penalty should be imposed by the State, not by individuals, and is the State’s bounden duty.

In the meantime, however, torture by individual agents of government is a false means to security.  Here’s why:  Many of those tortured over the past ten or twelve years have snidely provided false information.  Most recently, a bogus tip given the U.S. Government about American and South African hostages in Yemen resulted in the slayings of those hostages.  The tip was a result of torture.  We live in a dangerous world, yes, but lowering ourselves to methods used by Torquemada and Himmler will not prove reliable, over time.

“The Interview” is an inane movie.  I don’t care in the least for the policies and behaviours of the North Korean elite, but the likelihood of regime change through assassination is relatively small.  Nonetheless, our Constitution says that people have the right to express themselves freely.  So, despite the ridiculous content of the film, people, in this country, should be able to watch “The Interview”, if they so choose.  I hope it at least goes straight to video.  Either way, I will ignore it, but I will defend to the death YOUR right to pay it ,some mind.  After all, no one from Texas hacked the studio that produced the film about killing Dubya.

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