November 12, 2020-

In yesterday’s post, I indicated a willingness to go the extra mile, in defending the Constitution from authoritarians, as well as protecting the unborn, those with Additional Needs and the elderly, from assaults by technocrats and hipsters who see the less fortunate as impediments to their portfolios and lifestyles.

There is no daylight, between the goals of nefarious people, who cannot cloak themselves in the garb of the sincere, and the legitimate aspirations of those on the Right or the Left-whose decent members have more in common than they seem to believe.

Ezekiel Emmanuel has indicated a preference for a national program of triage, limiting or eliminating protections for those whose life status does not fit his Cost/Benefit Analysis. Alarmingly, such posturing by a member of the “Academic Elite” would presuppose placing the 77-year-old President-elect in the category of “expendible”. It would do the same to my nonagenarian mother, my remaining paternal aunts and aging relatives-by-marriage, none of whom are expendible, in the views of my cousins, siblings and self. As I said yesterday, Emmanuel is entitled to his views. I am sorry he finds the elderly and disabled to be such nuisances, but it’s up to God to determine someone’s life span, not to a human individual or committee of same.

Donald Trump has indicated, through his Tweets, and his surrogates, that he will be more than glad to rule for another four years, and maybe longer. It is not up to him, or his surrogates, to decide what is best for the American people. If the legitimate vote count somehow boomerangs in his favour, then fine. If not, then it is best that he, and they, step out of the way. I don’t find his antics either humourous or stupid. I do find them dangerous, and like Danton, Robespierre, Hitler and Mussolini before him, he will find that opening a series of Pandora’s Boxes, just because Daddy Fred instilled in him that losing makes a person pathetic, will bring about consequences that are far worse than anything he could imagine.

There is no such thing as “White Nationalism”. In Caucasian Europe, there are over 50 ethnic groups-most of whom have relatives among the White populace of the United States. Also, it is remarkable how many Asians and Latinos are espousing this inane concept. “White” loses any claim to nationhood. “American” is still a noble name for a nation, even as our nation remains a work in progress.

I stand for the Constitution, and the country. The goal is, and always will be, rectifying wrongs done in the name of self-interest.

Day by Day


April 3, 2018, Prescott-

A friend referred to things being too crazy.

Yes, we can see it all around.

The President supports this bill.

No, wait, he’s against it.

There will be negotiations with a foe.

“Are you kidding?  We can’t possibly do THAT!”

The stock market is headed for an epic crash!

Oh, well, that was yesterday.

Maybe again tomorrow, though.

“The Constitution says that mentally ill people

are entitled to possess a firearm,

for their protection.”

So much for a well-regulated militia.

Day by day,

it’s enough for me to love,


and safeguard

our four charges.

It’s enough for me to serve

the Lord of the Age,

and work to unite

the human race

against the Forces of Darkness.

It’s enough for me to tend

to my own healing

and  that of my community.

The craziness will run its course,

and our Sun will continue to shine.

The Road to 65, Day 21: White Horses, Black Hearts


December 19, 2014, Prescott-  Much has been said, all over the place lately, about the Congressional Report on Torture, and about the North Korean reaction to “The Interview”, a Sony feature film about…. North Korea.  As is often the case on social media, people are bickering, squawking, yelling at each other, breaking out flame throwers, and just about anything else that can be done to silence those of opposing viewpoints, on both matters- as well as such arresting topics as “What should Celebrity X have named her new baby?”

I have dear friends on both sides of each issue, and some who are on both sides, depending on which cactus patch into which they stumbled, in the dark, on the way to the theater.  My own take on each subject, seriously, is as follows:

IS (Islamic State), is the acronym which I will use to identify the current group of flaming imbeciles who are now practicing to be members of the Society for Creative Anachronism. ( I have a young friend named Isis, and I feel badly for her having to sit through her high school Channel One sessions).  Anyone who beheads, rapes, dismembers or otherwise deprives another human being of his/her God-given rights, purely on ideological grounds, does not deserve to take part in the life of society.  No Prophet of God ever said otherwise, although there are some who believe that They did.  I believe that the death penalty should apply in severe cases, such as mass murder, beheading, child rape and armed attacks on schools.  This penalty should be imposed by the State, not by individuals, and is the State’s bounden duty.

In the meantime, however, torture by individual agents of government is a false means to security.  Here’s why:  Many of those tortured over the past ten or twelve years have snidely provided false information.  Most recently, a bogus tip given the U.S. Government about American and South African hostages in Yemen resulted in the slayings of those hostages.  The tip was a result of torture.  We live in a dangerous world, yes, but lowering ourselves to methods used by Torquemada and Himmler will not prove reliable, over time.

“The Interview” is an inane movie.  I don’t care in the least for the policies and behaviours of the North Korean elite, but the likelihood of regime change through assassination is relatively small.  Nonetheless, our Constitution says that people have the right to express themselves freely.  So, despite the ridiculous content of the film, people, in this country, should be able to watch “The Interview”, if they so choose.  I hope it at least goes straight to video.  Either way, I will ignore it, but I will defend to the death YOUR right to pay it ,some mind.  After all, no one from Texas hacked the studio that produced the film about killing Dubya.