The Road to 65, Mile 64: Roommates

January 31, 2015, Boulder- I am sharing a hotel room with someone I had never met before yesterday.  He is congenial and considerate, as  I am in return.  It is a rare occasion when I have a roommate, anymore.  I last did so in the dark days of Summer, 2011, when I was at  a week-long Baha’i school, following Penny’s passing and my abrupt cancellation of home renovation plans, which messed up the contractor’s schedule and added to my emotional meandering.  The gentleman who shared my room then was quiet and scholarly, and had some fine tales of his days with the Canadian Air Force, serving in the far northern edge of Ellesmere Island.

Since then, I have lived alone- first in a two-bedroom house and now in a one-bedroom apartment.  It seems to fit, especially as I have been in and out of town so much.  Likewise, having a roommate this weekend also fits- for the task in front of each of us is to be more social.  I am feeling a lot more talkative, though my roommate is spending his first time away from his wife of five years, and is on the phone with her constantly, during free time.

I know the feeling well.  The few times that Penny and I were apart, during our years together, we were constantly on the phone with each other, or connecting online.  Spouses are the ultimate roommates, after all.

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