The Road to 65, Mile 65: Weirdness Finds Us

February 1, 2015, Longmont, CO-  Katy Perry has done one or two songs that resonate with me, and several others with which some of the girls, with whom I’ve worked over the past few years, have sung along.  Her videos, though, are mostly flamboyant and of the “all about MEEE” genre.  When I visited my paternal uncle on Sunday, after the  Winter Summit had finished, he was glad that I had come along- all the more so, as he could turn from the tv, which he had muted during her performance.

We talked of several things- my visit to our ancestral neighbourhood in Rouen, my having gone across the Pacific, from Honolulu to San Diego, and my son’s wise choice in doing four more years in the Navy and Uncle’s dealing with the gradual effects of nearing 90.  He is a practical man, who plans things out and addresses issues creatively.  So, as Super Bowl play resumed, and the sound was turned back on accordingly, he was a bit perturbed to see the various blunders which took up the second half.  It’ll be a while before the question, “What kind of coach orders a PASS at the goal line?” is addressed to Uncle’s satisfaction.  As New Englanders, we were pleased with the outcome, but we both have had good experiences in the Northwest, so there were condolence thoughts expressed, as well.

It was, he and I agreed, a surreal game.  For the Seattle wide receiver to catch the ball, while sprawled aground, as if it were a greased pig, was  kind of like eating bacon ice cream- a bizarre treat that would be an acquired taste.  The Patriots’ rookie defenseman’s finding the ball coming right into his hands, behind the goal line, was equally bizarre, but felt more  like a triple chocolate, dripped caramel, with peppermint, triple shake-albeit in the dead of winter.  Weirdness brings the most delectable surprises, and never when or where one might expect.

5 thoughts on “The Road to 65, Mile 65: Weirdness Finds Us

  1. It was, indeed, a weird game — and I only saw the second half! I love your descriptions of the two weird plays that ended the game — wonderful word pictures!


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