The Road to 65, Mile 106: For Profit

March 14, 2015, Prescott– I spent much of today organizing my photos on my Flickr account (  Those who wish to check the various albums out, are welcome.  Further progress occurred in settling my de facto client, into a positive living situation.  He feels welcome there, and has secured a niche.  I gained more insight into the depth of his personal suffering, so the healing is taking root.

My focus for this evening, here, is the mercantile nature of just about everything, these days.  Some in government believe it is their agencies’ duty to support the economic aspects of their particular area of purview.  Mental health agencies, and some hospitals, place the profits of insurance companies and of their umbrella agencies above the well-being of individual clients, patients, participants- or whatever the nom de jour of their clientele happens to be.

While having dinner this evening, in a local restaurant, I overheard the people at the table in front of me noting, with some disdain, just how mercenary the government, and multinational companies have become, about everything from water to one’s last rites.  I know that Nestle has tried to take over drinking water supplies in some small communities and has sued the people, to force them to give up their water supply to its bottling arm.  I haven’t heard anything on that matter lately, so maybe Swiss rationality has drawn the conclusion that this is overreach.  Monsanto has sent its legal eagles after other small communities, and small farmers, to force its seeds and farming practices on them- with the ever-present threat of a lawsuit, or an unwanted visit from Bill Nye the Science Guy, to intimidate and dominate.

I have heard, more than once, that the mission of the US Food and Drug Administration is to protect the economic aspects of  our nation’s food and pharmaceutical supplies.  This, naturally, means protection of large industrial concerns, in those areas.  Here, it is a wave of contributions to re-election campaigns, rather than attorneys threatening to bankrupt the little guys, that does the trick.  I don’t make any distinction here between the Koch Brothers and George Soros.  Both camps are quite capable of pushing their own agendas on the political class.

My dining neighbours questioned everything from bottled water to 401K’s.  I tend to agree, more and more, with the idea that one can make do with relative simplicity.  Having spent my last night on the road in a campground, in perfect contentment, I will be glad to expand on that more, in weekend jaunts later this Spring.  Having become quite good at stretching my meals, while still achieving satiety and maintaining health, I am confident this regimen will continue. My IRA will stay healthy, with or without the scaredy cats on Wall Street.

The coming months and years will see a re-working of the term “For Profit”.  Real profit is a tide that lifts all boats.

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