The Road to 65, Mile 107: E-Motion

March 15, 2015, Prescott-  I found myself in three friendly environments today.  I spent an hour or so with a kindred soul, catching up  with her considerable efforts at staying solvent.  She has done far better, historically, than I have, in terms of financial management.  I’m far better in that regard than I once was, yet I find her ability amazing.  She gave me a link to a film,
More about this, in a bit.
I went to pay my respects, in mid-afternoon, to the members of our American Legion Post who had passed on, since last March.  Each year, we have a Post Everlasting ceremony.  “Post Everlasting” is the Legion’s name for eternity.
After this brief, but heartfelt, ceremony, I got in some fresh air and exercise, at Granite Basin Lake, a reservoir at the foot of Granite Mountain, northwest of Prescott.  Here are some photos of the wilderness that is emerging from winter.




Not all parts of the forest made it through winter unscathed.


The granite endures, though.


In spite of the purveyors of doom, water is a bit more plentiful this year.SAM_4599

As always, there is at least one heart to greet me.


The stuffed rock wall reminded me of the one in Marfa, TX.


A small waterfall spilled over the barrier.


Further up the road, a glorious sunset awaited.


This was not just any outing, but a chance to get a shut-in out to the lake he loves so much.  That’s always time well-spent.

Back to E-Motion. I watched the film, this evening.  It has presented me with several confirmations of what I have known for some time.  It also corroborates the observations of Dr. MonaLisa Schulze, in “Awakening Intuition”, that our emotions remain stored in various parts of our bodies.  Replacing negative stuffed emotions with positive is an essential component of reversing a negative mindset/lifestyle.  I have offered the link here, so that anyone wanting to get a handle on migraines, lack of sleep, stomach aches, and even many forms of cancer, may commence the healing process.  There is also a cute love story at the end.

5 thoughts on “The Road to 65, Mile 107: E-Motion

  1. A serene pictorial. Very relaxing. I’m glad you were able to help your companion out. I think I will watch the film, too.


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