The Road to 65, Mile 108: Soar High, Dive Deep

March 16, 2015, Prescott- When I watched “Birdman” recently, I started out expecting a variation on one of David Mamet’s plays.  Well, there was profanity and conflict, throughout and these were well-presented.  The difference was, there was an underlying theme of transcendence.  Michael Keaton’s character gets to fly, in New York’s Theater District.  Emma Stone, as his daughter, gives new meaning to “Age ain’t nothin’ but a number”.  Two jilted women find happiness, with one another.  The rest is left for you to discover, should you choose to see the film.

There is a Shakespearean element to the scenes:  It is, after all, a play within a play.  Scenes which seem extraneous to the plot, end up enhancing it.  I basically have no issue with this film being “Best Motion Picture” for 2015.

March is typically a time for me to assess myself, in terms of spiritual well-being, much as November is a time for me to assess a year’s worth of accomplishments, or lack thereof.  So far, I find I am drawing clearer, tighter boundaries:  I am more protective of my time and money, with a view towards both being more useful and living longer, and better.  I am more appreciative of the genuine helpers and friends in my life, both familial and amiable.  The users around me, though, get minimal contact.

This has been a time for stretching the comfort zone. I am involved in promoting wellness, not so much for participating in the “truncated pyramid” aspects of the business, as for developing the more practical side of myself that has been put on the shelf for so many years.  I believe in the efficacy of the products, because I see the good effects they have had on my health.

I am also going to do more with tent camping, being determined to put up the tent in such a way that it does not blow down in the middle of the night.  Confidence has often been my weak suit, especially in areas where I have found myself being shoved aside, so that “someone who knows what he’s doing” can just take over, and get it done.  The days of skimming the tops of trees, and of treading water, are at an end.

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