The Road to 65, Mile 112: Spring Affirmations and Goals

March 20, 2015,, Goodyear, AZ-  So, as I headed down to this western suburb of Phoenix, for a reunion with old friends, on the occasion of our Nineteen-Day Fast’s conclusion, the March Equinox brought Spring to the North and Autumn to the South.  The evening was mostly convivial, and I got to know someone, who had once been off-putting, a bit better.

The occasion of Naw-Ruz, the ancient Persian celebration of the Vernal Equinox as New Year, has been adopted by the Baha’i Faith as our New Year.  More about this, in my next post.

I used today as a time to formulate short-term affirmations and goals, for the season of Spring itself.  These are in the categories of personal, community and extended community.

Personal- I will adhere to waking at 5:30 AM, each day.

I have eliminated sources of frivolity from my daily routine.

I will continue the regimen of daily health checks, morning devotions and exercise.

I will add evening devotions to that daily regimen. (This being one activity that lacked consistency in my life).

I will walk at least a half-hour after dinner, wherever I happen to be, every evening.

Hikes will continue to be a regular part of my weekly regimen.

I will continue with random, and intentional, acts of kindness, each day, wherever I happen to be.

Community- I will remain actively involved with my Baha’i community, with the Red Cross, with Angels of Prescott, and with Slow-Food Prescott.

I will serve out the remaining months of my term with the American Legion Post, though continuing as its Chaplain is a matter on which I am undecided, at this point.

Extended community-  I will continue to expand on the size of this.

I will visit with friends both locally and farther afield.

I will offer daily  messages and acts of support to those in my world.

I will continue to share and educate people, regarding  Essential Oils.

I will make a journey, in late May and the month of June, to the Pacific Northwest and  to Southeast Alaska.

Knowing these affirmations and goals will resonate with some, and viewed askance by others, I will honour them anyway.

4 thoughts on “The Road to 65, Mile 112: Spring Affirmations and Goals

  1. This is a good list, Gary — except that some frivolity is healthy in everybody’s life, for balance, if no other reason! Check into that Alaska trip, too — I don’t think you can just drive to Alaska as you can to the lower 48.


  2. Janet, my plan is to take a car ferry to Vancouver Island, for that portion of the trip, then go back to Bellingham, leave the car in a secure garage, and take the ferries to Haida Gwaii and to southeast Alaska, via Prince Rupert.


    • It piqued my interest, as I looked across the Strait from the Olympic Peninsula,three years ago. I am being connected, independently, with a growing number of people on Vancouver Island. Then again, there are no coincidences.


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