The Road to 65, Mile 113: Naw-Ruz

March 21, 2015, Prescott-  We had a lively Naw-Ruz observance in Goodyear, last night.  The food was, likewise, delectable and varied.  Today, our Prescott area communities had a joint celebration, a bit more restrained, but no less fervent.   I did the devotional, and offered up some contemplative, and some lively, music.   The food was equally as good.  We are in a solemn mood as a group, right now, because of the precarious health of a couple members of our immediate, and extended, Baha’i families.  God will guide us all through this, though.

Naw-Ruz, as I have mentioned earlier, is a Baha’i New Year, and has ancient roots, stemming from Persian culture, which itself goes back 2,600 years.  The notion is fertility and prosperity, thus it coincides with  the beginning of th enorthern Spring.  All Iranians, and their neighbours, such as the Afghans, Kurds, Turkmen and Tajiks, revel in this festival.  Baha’is, being unencumbered by nationality, have brought the Festival of Naw-Ruz to the world stage.  Indeed, when I posted greetings on another social medium, return greetings came back from all parts of the world, even in places where I have never met anyone, previously.

May peace and prosperity dig their roots in deeper, even in areas seemingly consumed by chaos.  It is known that as fire, or lava, cover a surface and destroy all in their paths, underneath, the seeds of new growth are opened by the heat.  So, too, is a new civilization, based on unity in diversity and love for all peoples, going to be built on the ashes of iniquity.

Let me close by switching gears, with a couple of affirmations I left out of my last post.  1. I will read at least ten pages a day, in each of at least two books.  2.  I will work to set up a visiting team, from Angels of Prescott, to the Arizona Pioneer Home, whose residents seem to be sorely ignored by the community at large.

Next:  A visit with some old friends, near Montezuma Well.

3 thoughts on “The Road to 65, Mile 113: Naw-Ruz

  1. I’m sorry to hear of the health issues within your group — it makes holidays much more difficult than they might otherwise be. My best wishes to you for a happy and prosperous year to come!


  2. I’m glad your community was able to come together, despite the ailing. I hope it serves to strengthen those who will need to be leaned on. Yours is a happy vision for the future. May it be so!


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