The Road to 65, Mile 120: Waterplay

March 28, 2015, Glendale, AZ-  I decided today was a day for relaxation, and there was a housewarming party in this western suburb of Phoenix, so southward, it was.

An online friend, from Xanga and Facebook, had invited me about a month ago.  The themes were the TV show,”Supernatural”, to which I have been drawn in the past, and relaxing in the (unheated) swimming pool.  There was a jacuzzi, which was heated, so I went in the cool pool, waist-deep and in the hot pool, up to my shoulders.  Four children, siblings, kept us watchful and engaged with their waterborne antics.SAM_4661

The hosts have been married since October, and look pretty solid a unit, to me.


There were about thirty-five people, in a medium-sized apartment.  Those who didn’t go poolside, stayed in for some sort of card game.  I stayed poolside.


The broad range of magic and science fiction was in evidence.  I’m used to these, as my son is a Dragon Child, and his circle of friends in high school was much immersed in both genres.


All this, and the barbecue, made for a day in which I was quite exhilarated, and exhausted, at the end.  I was planning to attend an evening function, elsewhere in the Phoenix area, but in the prep for my drive, I left out dress socks.  Bbbbaaad!

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