The Road to 65, Mile 119: Sunshine In A Box

March 27, 2015, Prescott-  I had a fascinating interview today, with the director of a Waldorf School.  He asked me to choose between committing to a full-time position, immediately and continuing to substitute, while filling in for a three-week period, during the month of May.

I chose the latter, mostly because I want to immerse myself in the Waldorf Method, which does look fascinating, to a holistic educator, before jumping into a shallow pool head first, as it were.  I have a lot to offer this school and others.  There will be several meetings between this gentleman and I, over breakfasts and lunches, as he wants to hear more about the Baha’i Faith and to exchange views on historical processes.  Yet, I want to be prepared, in terms of methodology.

My presentations in May will be on Mohammad, of Whom I have read a fair amount and on Jeanne d’Arc, whose historical sites in Rouen are proximate to those of my paternal lineage.  There are a wealth of interests and areas which I believe I can contribute, besides.

A woman at our evening devotional, in Chino Valley, remarked that both those we like and those we dislike will be attracted to the light we emit.  This explains a lot that has happened to me, especially recently.  One does not get to pick and choose who is encountered in this life; only what one does with the encounters.  I came very close, today, to severing my ties with the laundry I have been using for the past year, over the owner’s reaction to the hard line I am taking with my former client.  On reflection, though, he’s right:  No one can tell another person how, or where, to live.  We can only choose to support the decision, or to cut the individual loose.  Regardless, one’s sunshine, or one’s venom, cannot be contained in a box, in perpetuity.

Now that those two rather variant topics are off my chest, I will rest well tonight.

6 thoughts on “The Road to 65, Mile 119: Sunshine In A Box

  1. I’m glad the Waldorf School is looking so promising! Perhaps a full-time job for next year? Your laundry guy may be right, but it seems like you’ve provided a good deal of guidance without demand, assistance without recompense, and your client has not been appreciative of either. Although you can’t tell people where to live, you can expect that when they ask for help, they respond appreciatively — and it’s your choice to continue working with them or not. Don’t beat yourself up over this one instance!


  2. *sigh* love Waldorf. love. so glad you are connected to them. given your love of writing, i look forward to hearing about that relationship. and. glad you will rest well.


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