The Road to 65, Mile 179: Whatever it Takes

May 26, 2015, Reno- I am proud of all those who are standing firm, in the wake of the torrents that have raged in the southern Plains and Prairie regions, over the past four days.  It was pointed out to me, by another reader, that these types of events have been de rigeur in the nation’s midsection, for so many years now, as to be unsurprising, if not expected.

Life is always challenging.  One way to look at this is to recognize that our challenges are what build personal and collective strength.  Texas and Oklahoma have lost a few people, and lots of property, as a result of the floods, tornadoes and ongoing rain.  There have been a fair number of heroes emerging from the disasters, as well- most notably those who were proactive in getting their property and their neighbourhoods ready for just such events, and who have been in the forefront of the initial recovery efforts.

This won’t be the end, in this tough year, especially in the hurricane pathways.  There is no telling about tornadoes, earthquakes and fires.  You know what, though, the nation and its communities will face these, too.  Opportunities for service seldom go begging to be filled.

I am just glad that all my friends are safe, in the affected areas.  I am also very grateful to my friends of three generations, here in the Reno area, who have been nothing but generous and helpful during my own, relatively minor challenge, which we as a group are meeting and resolving, over the next few days.

2 thoughts on “The Road to 65, Mile 179: Whatever it Takes

  1. I saw the news yesterday and saw the horrific pictures of the flood and cars being taken with the tide. I am sorry to hear about the deaths due to that.
    But I am glad to see how the Americans rise up for any challenge they face, and help out not for themselves but to the whole community.


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