The Road to 65, Mile 212: The Sierra’s Back Door

June 28, 2015, Big Pine, CA-  I got my Nissan back in shape again, with a morning visit to Jiffy Lube.  Friends Wendy & Steve hosted a brunch, which was a group effort, and thoroughly enjoyed by all.  Then, I bid farewell to my Reno family.

Little did we know that, a scant thirty miles away, above Gardnerville, three vehicles, including an RV, had collided.  One of those involved was killed.  I was in the southbound five-mile line of cars.  Two hours later, I was in Topaz Lake.  While in the intermittently-moving line, I took these shots of the area.



The scene at Topaz Lake was rather quiet, away from the bordertown casino anyway.


Off to the west, the Sierra Nevada showed just a smidgen of snow, where there are normally several feet, even in late June.


The first town I entered in California was Bridgeport, already set for Independence Day.


I had a pleasant break and supper, at the lively Rhino’s Grill.  “Rhino” is the owner, not an item on the bill of fare.  Seeing so many families and couples enjoying the nation’s back roads does my heart good, as does being served by congenial folks, of all ages.

The last time I visited Mono Lake was in 1980.  It is about 1/3 smaller now.


This saline lake is still a gem, but an endangered one.


As I drove towards Big Pine, and my stop for the night, I caught a glimpse of a superb California sunset.


Then, as is its wont, the sky went to bed.


After all that waiting, and switchback-negotiating, the Nissan was just fine.  So was I, settled in at Bristlecone Motel, run by one of the town’s two mechanics.

5 thoughts on “The Road to 65, Mile 212: The Sierra’s Back Door

  1. Sorry you were delayed by a fatal accident — but that looks like beautiful scenery to inch through! That is a tiny smidgen of snow — and a pretty dry slope for the Bridgeport skier! Mono Lake and the Salton Sea look to be in about the same condition — both dying! A lovely sunset, and I really like the imagery of the sky going to bed!


  2. There, but for the grace of God, went the 700 of us who were not injured or killed. The Sierra and their Great Basin backdrop are an always interesting route. I ached at the sight of Mono Lake, such a fascinating landscape, when I was there in 1980.


  3. Lovely photos. I remember when we came to San Francisco and drove for an hour to a clothing mall, we passed these type of mountains and valleys. I had taken photos of it.


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