The Road to 65, Mile 225: Zoo

June 11, 2015, Prescott- I went to see the film, “Jurassic World”, this evening.  Having seen the first three films in that franchise, it was a matter of curiosity, as to what possibly could be added to them.  There are two overriding themes in this episode:  Genetic Engineering and the Arms Race.

The artificially created being, in this case, is, of course, a dinosaur- and the biggest, most ferocious ever, at that.  With regard to the Arms Race, a mercenary comes to Jurassic World, with an eye towards using velociraptors as the Ultimate Weapon.  The rest of what happens is for anyone who hasn’t seen it, to find out.

My take on any effort at bringing animals back from extinction is that they would be hard put to find a niche in a human-centered, progress-oriented world, such as ours.  The ever-shrinking animal population of the world is being expected by many, as the President of Zimbabwe once put it, “to pay their rent.”  This, of course, means the ivory, internal organs and exotic pet trade are going to be with us for some time to come, though the thing none of the purveyors of those odious practices have considered much is:  These are not renewable resources, at least not at the rate they are being depleted.

I have heard of enterprising Chinese, and others, starting game farms, with a view towards replenishing herds and prides.  The idea in many of these is strictly breeding and increasing animal populations, much as has been done with American bison in the U.S. and Canada, in the 1960’s and since.  There are others, of course, who are mercenary and keep animals around, strictly for hunting.  They are no better than poachers, who are the Slash and Burn farmers of animal husbandry, with no thought whatsoever of the future.

The television series, “Zoo”, explores the notion:  What if mammals, collectively, began taking the planet back?   It’s highly unlikely, to say the least, but it begs asking.  Do we really need to cleanse the planet of those closest to us in intelligence and spirit?

7 thoughts on “The Road to 65, Mile 225: Zoo

  1. I’ve always been impressed by the San Diego Zoo’s Safari Park (formerly Wild Animal Park) for the work it does on saving and reintroducing endangered species. If you’re interested in visiting their Institute for Conservation Research, let me know and I’ll see if I can arrange a tour. I think you’d be impressed. They’re not going to reinvent dinosaurs, but they have saved the Arabian Oryx, the California Condor, and many other species, and reintroduced them into their natural habitats.


  2. I’ve heard of their work. They collaborated with the Phoenix Zoo, to save the Arabian oryx. I may be interested in the tour, depending on my son’s schedule next weekend. I will be in San Diego on Saturday and Sunday, then OC on Monday.


  3. I watched Jurassic World last Thursday with my mom. I have been watching Zoo, as well.

    I thought Jurassic World was fairly brave for a mainstream movie. I enjoyed it, though they lost me at the end with too many big ‘Hollywood moments.’

    Zoo is, so far, the most ridiculous thing I’ve seen on network TV in many years. Out of a sense of nostalgia, perhaps, I actually like it. Maybe it will not seem as ridiculous as the plot progresses.

    We cannot survive as a species without releasing our grip on the environment. If one cannot care about animals or the natural world for any other reason, self-preservation alone ought to motivate us.


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