The Road to 65, Mile 232: Back to California, Day 2

July 18, 2015, Chula Vista-  It was wet, very wet, across southern California, this morning.  I very happily made my way, slowly, from Oak Grove to Santa Ysabel, and then to this sprawling and resilient city of 217,000, at the gateway to Baja California.  I chose to wait out the worst of the thunder and lightning at the campground, before heading west and south.

Breakfast was a bit late, 10 A.M., at Apple Country- my go-to place in this little mission town, northwest of Julian.  The rain lulled just long enough for me to get a pie, at nearby Julian Pie Company, to take to Aram.  Once I was back on the road, so was the rain.  We traveled together to Chula Vista, and the steady soaking downpour made normally frenetic SoCal drivers take heed.  There were “only” two accidents, along my route, but they were sufficient to slow everyone down even further, though it was nothing like the tie-up south of Reno, on June 28.  Of course, there were the usual anomalies- a wrong way driver shooting out of an entry ramp, at I-15 south, in Escondido and a propane truck doing 70, on the inside lane of said thoroughfare, while the rest of us were content with 50, in the increasing downpour.

This is a most blessed sight, this wet pavement.


Son and I made a trip to Costco and picked up a table and chairs for his new apartment, then took in “Ant Man”, a surprisingly interesting film that centers on quantum physics- and touches on how feelings of jealousy and unrequited filial piety can lead to villainous madness.  Ants, as many of us have come to realize, are powerful and fascinating beings- as long as they don’t infest one’s home, or other surroundings!


We had our customary lengthy conversation, afterward, with Aram putting together a fine meal, in his first real kitchen.  Good times don’t have to be dramatic, in southern California.

7 thoughts on “The Road to 65, Mile 232: Back to California, Day 2

  1. That rain was very welcome! Glad you got through safely — those sound like some pretty scary things you saw (I don’t think I’ve ever encountered a wrong-way driver on the freeway!).


  2. We have had wrong-way drivers on several freeways in Phoenix, including at least one who yelled it was her “constitutional right” to drive anywhere she wanted! I was able to sit and read Jeff Markowitz’s “Death and White Diamonds”, this afternoon, while more rain came down.


  3. Gary,
    I was thinking this morning that there must be a lot of drivers on the road who got their licenses during the drought, who may not even know what it’s like to drive in the rain! I was coming back from Pt. Fermin yesterday after taking some marvelous photos, when lightning struck about two blocks in front of my car.

    As I passed the place where I’d perceived the lightning had struck, I saw a dead cat, but I’m sure it was just roadkill, although I projected that perhaps poor kitty had been felled.

    No thunder tonight, at least. Just showers here in the South Bay. However a flash flood warning is all across the southland. We’re breaking records for rainfall. This is July. A neighbor who just got back from Hawaii said it’s like he never left!

    Michael F. Nyiri, poet, philosopher, fool


  4. That is a lovely quality time with your son. It has been raining with severe thunder storms here too. Lovely view.
    Ant-Man I couldn’t believe when you said that this movie had a good story. I thought it would be just these robots working.


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