The Road to 65, Mile 233: Back to California, Day 3

July 19, 2015, Chula Vista- This was a rain-check, for much of the day.  That suits my heart just fine.  Nowhere is rain more needed than in the Golden State.  I was able to finish reading “Death and White Diamonds”, by Jeff Markowitz, and thus have my suspicions verified,as to the end.  Since Jeff is one of Word Press’s, and Xanga’s, own. several of you will surely wish to read this novel for yourselves.  Here are Laverne and Shirley, and the Rizzo family:  Izzy, Lizzy, Cissy and Missy, but not Ratso.  It also answers the question, “Why take the stairs, when you can just use the elevator?”, but that’s all I can say right now.

Aram and I had a tentative plan to visit the Japanese Garden, in Balboa Park, but the greater good intervened, and the rain was heavier today, than it was yesterday.  So, chill out indoors, we did.  I caught the most recent episode of “Wayward Pines”, on my laptop,  as well as read the aforementioned whodunit.

After Aram’s second straight successful dinner offering, I took advantage of a brief lull in the rain, to check out his new neighbourhood.  A YMCA Teen Center occupies an old and interesting building.


Rice Canyon, seen from above, offers a four-mile walking, jogging and biking path, between Chula Vista and National City, to the north.



I was content with keeping to the sidewalk overlook, especially as it was near twilight.  Still, it’s quite gratifying to have spotted what some call the South County’s best kept secret.  It’s been a restful and very gratifying weekend.


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