The Road to 65, Mile 284: Treasured Hearts

September 7, 2015, Prescott-

Mild goes the day,

With grilled meats and light rain.

Friends’ hearts beat loudly,

From both near and far.

Some happy, others forlorn,

I treasure all, for none have I scorn.

The wish I have,

To be there for all,

Sits like a chimera,

Fleetingly, atop the wall.

8 thoughts on “The Road to 65, Mile 284: Treasured Hearts

  1. I like your poetry, Gary — haven’t seen much of it! The day here was spent preparing for fumigation, and for installation of new shades in the master bedroom (honeycomb shades, open top down and bottom up!).


      • All sorts of things happening now that you are settling in at home in Prescott!!! The other benefit of these new shades will be that I can leave the top open for air flow while gaining privacy through the bottom part! I’ll post a photo when they’re installed!


  2. OMG Gary! Are you just penning these poems at will? I love this one too! Great use of the word, “chimera.” Cool last line.

    Got home and sent in “Word” a “PDF” file of the tutoring journal I helped with today to my private student! Good luck tomorrow at work!


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