The Road to 65, Mile 283: Grillin’

September 6, 2015, Prescott- One of the benefits of being semi-settled is, invitations to gatherings start to pile up.  The three-day weekend has brought me to two enormous, well-stocked and well-attended barbecues, yesterday and today, with a third slated for tomorrow.

Last night’s gathering was a birthday party for a long-time friend, belated by two days, for the sake of holding it on the weekend.


                               Seasoned musicians kept the energy flowing, for nearly four hours.

This afternoon, after performing a spur-of-the-moment errand, I joined a much larger, community-wide barbecue, aimed at bringing in a wealth of non-perishable food for our county Food Bank.  I noticed a sizable amount of provisions in the barrels, in addition to what i brought in.

Despite the threat of rain, we only got a few drops, and I had a pleasant visit with a few other New England “ex-pats”.

An article in today’s paper talked about somebody’s 1,000 Places to See Before You Die”.  I’m peripatetic, but I can’t see going to that extent.  Give me a plate of ” ‘cue” and pleasant company, and I’m set for a while.

Tomorrow will see me at yet another gathering.  Yes, I had a TrimShake in the evening, then went to Planet Fitness and made room for the next round.

7 thoughts on “The Road to 65, Mile 283: Grillin’

  1. That sounds like a traditional Labor Day weekend, with barbecues each day. Today I attended a 50th wedding anniversary celebration, and I’m spending time getting ready for mid-month fumigation!


      • Yes, another trip to Santa Barbara is in the offing. Long story — we’re required to be out for 3 days/2 nights — but personal safety is a concern, and I couldn’t get good answers as to the safety of return after that length of time. I’m still not comfortable about it, but am anxious for the summer’s disruptions to end!


  2. this reminds me of one of the first evenings I got to see a bit of a shriner’s gathering…. the band was JUMPIN’ and the dancers were swingin’ and I admit I was flabberghasted the “oldies” got up a better show than all of the weak water crap it was up til then i’d heard. I couldn’t say I dug swing music either… but i could feel the party.


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