There Is Perfection, In A Day


October 8, 2017, Prescott-

I am, in a manner of speaking,

taking the day off.

There was breakfast at the Legion,

this morning,

followed by laundry,

a phone conversation about

spiritual study, and

clearing this trusty laptop,

of old downloads.

It’s mid-afternoon

and the air is clear,

so I will, shortly,

head for a local trail

and indulge my legs,

my knees

and my back,

which have had

Planet Fitness,

the back yard,

the school gym and track

and little else,

to engage them,

these past few months.

Then, I will finish

my clearing the back yard

and pamper my back,

at Planet Fitness.

Be back, soon.


And Then, There Are These


February 11, 2017, Prescott-

I did a routine workout at Planet Fitness, this evening, after having visited a tax prep office, finding out I was short a critical document, and getting that document printed off a website, which will serve me well- the NEXT time I go to that tax office.

On the way out of PF, I passed some young adults flirting/ connecting.  This is as it should be, especially of a weekend evening.  Life, even in hard times, should continue with certain features:  Infants learn to walk and speak for themselves; toddlers should say “No”, and thus begin learning their limits; children should continue that process, while acquiring life skills-hopefully in a safe, nurturing environment; teens and young adults should be able to visit confirming situations, in which they might feel an ocean of hope and a wealth of encouragement; older adults, like me, should be in a fully affirming, supporting role, for those on their way up the ladder, supporting,.

I am concerned about what lies ahead, for our nation and for the human race.  I know, in my heart of hearts, that our species has a grand future, long-term.  I also know that, in the short run, there are forces of reaction that will play on the fears of some basically decent people, many of whom I know and love, perhaps leading them to do harm to others, who I also know and love, because of the divergent ways they express themselves and live their lives.  I cannot, will not, choose to participate in any movement, group action, or, certainly, any pogrom directed at a people or groups, based on ethnicity, faith, gender, sexual orientation or political affiliation- in either direction.  For having said this, I have already been excoriated by a bitter, diffusely angry man, in another online forum.  So be it, as long as necessary.

My life, by year’s end, will feature: An end to a business affiliation of 36 years;  the second of four school years, in which I work full-time as an educational paraprofessional, with the possibility of a fifth, and more attention to qualitative aspects of my service to others.  I may take stands that will cost me friendships, but it will always be the dispossessed, the downtrodden, the kicked-around, who have my heart.   There, will go my heart and head, in synchronicity.

Clearer Vision


November 29, 2016, Prescott- Now that my backlog of stuff has cleared up, somewhat, it’s time to consider what 66 has in store for me, or I, for it.

Fitness:  I like going to Planet Fitness, as there is a place for everyone, with a feeling of community and non-judgement.  People of all ages, sizes and ability levels exercise together and support one another, either silently, or as “spotters”.  My current plan has me there, three days a week.

Hiking:  Related to fitness, and to photography, my hikes vary in length and in difficulty.  They have sustained me, in many ways, for nearly 58 years.  The next twelve months will take me to:  Prescott Hotshots Memorial State Park, in Yarnell;  the southernmost three segments of Black Canyon National Recreation Trail, in New River; Spur Cross Ranch, Cave Creek; McDowell Mountains Desert Preserve, Scottsdale; the San Francisco Peaks, Flagstaff; the Grand Canyon and who knows where, in AZ and elsewhere.

Work:  I was asked to consider being lead teacher in my current classroom.  I respectfully declined, preferring to see a younger person have a shot at that opportunity- as I am not devoting more time to the courses necessary for re-certification, and  given that I plan to work full time, for 4 1/2 more years, then go on to other pursuits, at the end of May, 2021. Children, and their well-being, will always be one of my highest concerns, though, wherever I am.

Family:  This means both biological and of choice.  Thankfully, there is no one in my biological family who would not be in my family of choice.  The former consists of about 140 people, including my mother, siblings, son, maternal and paternal relatives, and in-laws.  The latter has grown to at least 300, including many who will read this, over the past twenty-five years.

Travel:  My main immediate priority is time with Aram, after Christmas and before he heads to Korea for his next Navy assignment.  Between now and the end of May, I will be mostly in the Southwest and southern California, as work and my Baha’i activities keep me close to Home Base.  Mid-March may find me in west Texas, re-connecting with old friends.  The summer’s focus leans towards the Northwest, and possibly the Great Plains, but much could change, in the interim.  My Back-East visit looks to be in December, 2017.

Spiritual:  As most of you know, I am a fervent Baha’i.  We will observe a significant anniversary, on October 22:  The bicentenary of the Birth of Baha’u’llah, Founder of our Faith.  A committee is planning a dignified and welcoming commemoration of the event, here in the Prescott area.  I will support and take active part in the event that is put together.

I also support the ecumenical event, known as Hope Fest, which will also occur in October, for its sixth year.  We all are living under the same blessings, coming from One Heavenly Source, in my view.

Writing:  I still very much plan to put together, and publish, a volume of mixed short prose and poetry, between January and March of the coming year.  Online, a series of posts on this site will be called 66 Days of Sixty-Six, being a random group of days that celebrate this age.

It’s going to be a great, if often challenging, year.  Stay tuned.



The Road to 65, Mile 283: Grillin’


September 6, 2015, Prescott- One of the benefits of being semi-settled is, invitations to gatherings start to pile up.  The three-day weekend has brought me to two enormous, well-stocked and well-attended barbecues, yesterday and today, with a third slated for tomorrow.

Last night’s gathering was a birthday party for a long-time friend, belated by two days, for the sake of holding it on the weekend.


                               Seasoned musicians kept the energy flowing, for nearly four hours.

This afternoon, after performing a spur-of-the-moment errand, I joined a much larger, community-wide barbecue, aimed at bringing in a wealth of non-perishable food for our county Food Bank.  I noticed a sizable amount of provisions in the barrels, in addition to what i brought in.

Despite the threat of rain, we only got a few drops, and I had a pleasant visit with a few other New England “ex-pats”.

An article in today’s paper talked about somebody’s 1,000 Places to See Before You Die”.  I’m peripatetic, but I can’t see going to that extent.  Give me a plate of ” ‘cue” and pleasant company, and I’m set for a while.

Tomorrow will see me at yet another gathering.  Yes, I had a TrimShake in the evening, then went to Planet Fitness and made room for the next round.

The Road to 65, Mile 248: Dog Days


August 3, 2015, Prescott- This is the week that school resumes in Yavapai County, so this morning, I went over to Prescott High School and made an appearance at the Faculty and Staff Convocation Breakfast, loading up on light pastries and fruit, saying hello to a few teachers I recognized and just observing the overall mood of the group, from my solo seat at an empty table.  Most everyone was chirpy and cheerful, within their little groups, though a few of those whom I know to be loners, who live for their kids and their jobs, looked wan and drained from the heat.

I went from there to a weekly coffee klatsch at a Seniors Apartment Complex, in Prescott Valley.  There were more goodies and coffee, of which I took a small portion.  The conversation was quickly dominated by a wheelchair-bound man, of about 80, who complains there is little for him to do, since he can no longer drive.  This is a considerable problem for those who choose to live in such places, or have such places chosen for them, by “loved ones”.  I sat and let him pontificate, nonstop, for about 45 minutes.  Then it was time for him to go pay his rent, so I also went about my business, which today consisted of trying to contact a friend who doesn’t want to be contacted, but is at risk, and of shuffling some money around, so as to pay a person who needed his balance due, a day early.

Dog Days are handled, one day at a time.  It is hot here (91), though nowhere near as hot as in Phoenix (110, at Sky Harbor Airport) or southeast Iran (135).  I took a  conference call, at 6 PM.  By 7, it had cooled down enough, so that I went to Planet Fitness, and gave my physical frame a 45-minute workout. As I exercised,  Castle was trying to find out whether, and how, James Brolin’s character was being framed for a murder that it looked like he committed, but maybe didn’t.  When I got home, I tried to find an old episode of Criminal Minds, in which Tim Curry plays a serial killer, who abducts a 9-year-old girl, after killing her father in cold blood.  The girl gives Curry’s character the slip, after a fashion, and he is killed by the police, while pursuing her.  Nasty stuff, this, and it turns out that CBS doesn’t want us watching old episodes of its shows, unless we pay up front.  This is odd, since I can view current shows online, the day after they are aired.

Dog Days are slow, but they are still full.  Tomorrow, I will be busy with a conference call about Native American Boarding Schools in the morning, Red Cross stuff in the afternoon, and get ready for whatever job assignments come my way, later this week, when school resumes.

Stuff and Nonsense


October 7, 2014, Prescott- Yes, I have caught up with all my travel and hiking posts, for a few days at least.  I have a few days with no work, due to Fall Break in the schools, so I am mostly listening to “imperative” podcasts that are “vital” to my well-being, shoring up various aspects of my essential oils training, working in my back yard and exercising at Planet Fitness.

Sometime on Friday, I will head out to San Diego, find a safe place for my vehicle on Saturday, fly to Honolulu on Sunday and next Tuesday will be on my son’s ship, joining the crew headed back to San Diego.  This will put me more or less incommunicado for six days or so.  That will be something of a relief to some of my extended family, who have been sick of me for a good long time.  Ditto for most of the American Legion post members, but after this Thursday night, the latter may be a moot point; we’ll see.

The bloom has been off my rose, to these people, for reasons I have yet to figure, for several weeks now. My father told us kids, years ago, that when people don’t like us, it’s their problem, not ours, and as long as we come from a place of truth, we don’t need our detractors and critics, no matter how “close” they are.  So, I will continue on, with the love I get from “those who care, and matter”, as one of my better friends here reminded me on FB recently.  I have support from my Baha’i community, from a handful of friends here in town and online, and from most of my family, including my son.

Once I get back from California, on Oct. 25, there won’t be much taking me out of the Southwest, until next May- barring any more deaths in the family.  2014 has been quite a clearing out process, for both family and friends.  I hope it’ll tone down a bit.  My main concern during that time period will be replenishing my coffers, with my own effort, thank you.  Hope all my well-wishers are doing okay this Fall.