The Road to 65, Mile 310: Springing Eternal

October 3, 2015, Prescott- This was a very long day- 5:30 A.M.- 1:15 A.M.  The wake-up was necessary, in order to be up in Flagstaff, in time for a Baha’i gathering- our region’s annual consultation session and election of a delegate to the National Convention, held  the following Spring.  It takes about two hours to go from Prescott to “Flag”.

Once we finished our session, I stayed behind to help with cleaning the hall.  I mention this only because what was waiting for me back here was:  Manning the Registration Table for volunteers at Hope Fest, a faith-based event at Courthouse Square, followed by breaking down the site, when a concert ended at 10 P.M.

Hope Fest was initiated by Evangelical Christians, four years ago, to help homeless families, and domestic violence victims, with access to programs that alleviate suffering and offer relief from the cold, in the months to come.  I joined the effort, because that’s what I do.  A lot of people were here today, as they were at earlier events that came to the aid of the disadvantaged:  Stand Down for Veterans and Empty Bowls, both in mid-September.  It’s what our community does.

Our clean-up crew spent three hours transforming the Court House grounds from “The Day After Mardi Gras” to a place prepared for the next day’s Oktoberfest gathering.  Trust me, all three dumpsters in the back were piled high, but the grounds were spotless, otherwise.  I left right at 1 A.M., walking the mile to my cozy apartment, my pants soaked with salad dressing leakage, to my chagrin and to the discomfort of a twenty-something neighbour, who held her nose as she walked past.  I totally understand- and can’t wait to get all the clothing I wore today, into the washer.

The fun part of the evening, actually, was watching the antics of my supervisor’s three pre-school age children.  As late as it was, they showed no sign of fatigue, leaving at 9:45. This newest generation, sometimes called GenZ, gives credence to Alexander Pope’s wry observation.  Hope is still springing eternal.

4 thoughts on “The Road to 65, Mile 310: Springing Eternal

  1. To me, this is your best blog post so far. “That’s what I do,” is a refrain I grew up with in my family. My parents have always worked to help the disadvantaged; Mom worked with the American Red Cross helping Military families and disaster victims for eight years, despite her supervisor, whom she ultimately became very good friends with after she left employment. She taught me the values of volunteering. All my life I have volunteered, for the American Cancer Society, Legal Aide, Head Start, Matrix Pregnancy Center, and of course, being a Public Information volunteer for the Faith you and I share, All this was during my formative years. I have done much volunteering in Prescott, including board member for Prescott Valley Community Garden during its first year, Folk Happens! board member , NAMI and a volunteer position with the State of AZ mental health system.I have served as secretary of the Spiritual Assemblies of Fort Wayne, IN, Lafayette, IN and Columbus, IN for 16 years, 1979-1995 and treasurer for a couple years. I am inspired to again resume my current volunteer post actively–a board member and facilitator for NAMI, National Alliance on Mental Illness. Helping the mentally ill has been one of my passions for many years. Gary, what great memories you call forth with your simple but not easy, path of service–and you had a test involving your neighbor which highlights how no explanation is needed when a detriment, dirty slacks, is suffered in the path one helping God unite the hearts, one heart at a time. Kudos!! I hope to continue reading about your work and volunteer experiences.


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