The Road to 65, Mile 325: So Much the Better

October 18, 2015, Prescott- I got in my start of the week workout, today, as tomorrow will be an exhausting day of catch-up at work.  I am almost where I need to be, on my job, to have established an identity for myself and to not feel the need to spend hours at the school, on weekends.  I also got an alarm clock, with a pied screen- each number is in a different colour.  The alarm is also a gentle buzz, which I prefer.  These are features that will make my winter wake-ups so much more pleasant.

I still watch my favourite TV shows, a day later, on the computer.  I have a huge, big box TV, which is fading.  It will need to go to big box TV heaven, when my son gets here and can help me lift it off the stand.  I won’t get a flat screen, right away.  Other things are a priority.

No hiking was done, this weekend.  Between the constant rain ( a blessing) and a long afternoon at work on Saturday, my agenda seemed ill-disposed towards leisure.  No matter, I will get in a goodly amount of time on the Prescott Circle and Black Canyon Recreation Trails, as well as in Sedona, between now and the Christmas holiday trip back East.  San Diego, over Thanksgiving, will also find me out in the fresh air, quite a bit.

So, the last month or so, before pushing the 65 Button, will be not lacking in a spirited life.

10 thoughts on “The Road to 65, Mile 325: So Much the Better

  1. I’m glad things seem to be going well at work. Hopefully it soon won’t be so exhausting. I had to replace a tv the other day — a small one, to be sure, but the replacement (a 19-inch Insignia — Best Buy model) was less than $100. Before long I’ll need to replace the bigger one in my living room! Sorry you didn’t get in a hike over the weekend, but I’m sure the rain felt good — it definitely has felt good here, despite the mudslides in northern LA County!


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