Burned, but Not Broken


August 4, 2018, Prescott-

As I stood, gazing at the sunset, this evening, admiring just how beautiful this city is, I think of different people here, and also realized:

You the disaffected one, silently snarl,

and greet me sullenly,

no longer by name,

just a perfunctory “Hello“.

You’d like me gone,

because I’m not who you want me to be,

WHAT you want me to be.

I’m still here,

as it’s the Universe,

not human beings,

deciding what I am going to do,

and where.

You, the gym managers, greet me by name,

because you see my heart,

and your only agenda

is to love and serve.

You, the busy entrepreneur, make time for me,

when it fits your schedule.

That’s okay, as

I was brought up

to honour people’s privacy.

You, the children and youth, smile

when I walk in your space,

or into the classroom,

because we share

a tenderness of heart.

You, my co-workers,

know of my undivided loyalty,

and support,

because we share a love

for the youth we serve,

and all else is secondary.

I have no real enemies,

just people who read me  wrong.

I suffer no lasting injury,

just the temporary wounds

which those in dire pain

want so badly to share.

As I looked at the sunset,

I realized the wounds are healing.

One Never Knows


September 24, 2017, Prescott-

I began today, with five things on my agenda.

Two of them ended up not happening.

The middle of the day brought honours

to a man who has unselfishly worked hard

on behalf of our community’s veterans,

over the past twenty years.

The evening brought a lovely dinner.

Then a group of us studied some spiritual guidance.

I was mildly upbraided, in the middle of this,

for my own teaching style.

Maybe, I’ve made progress,

on the often lonely road.

It was not difficult to see the critic’s point.

She will get a chance to flesh out

what she wants, instead,

at a gathering in her own town,

tomorrow night.

I look at my admin page, here,

and see that one of my critics

from last week

liked two of my posts,


Goes to show,

sometimes I get


about nothing.


The Road to 65, Miles 341-42: The Flow


November 4-5, Chino Valley-  My son arrived on Wednesday evening, for a two-day visit.  Of necessity, he was on his own, for the better part of Thursday, as I had to care for the little ones.  Tasks ranging from administering spelling and reading tests, to enlightening a curious child as to why it is not a good idea to blend marker ink into a cup of drinking water, and call it “Blue Lemonade”, occupied me for the seven hours I devoted to work.

My days are certainly at once exasperating and exhilarating.  Children go through minor crises, and as long as the adults in their lives deal with these at the “minor” stage, they are just fine.  Besides, they notice the skillsets employed, and take these into themselves, for future reference.

My day starts an hour earlier than it used to, and in the dark.  Somehow, though, the tasks I face are de rigeur, and not as draining as they once were.  I chalk that up to the improvements wrought by my essential oil supplements, and the guidance offered me from the world beyond, both on a daily basis.

Son’s presence has made a happy difference, also.  He is taking his stored possessions off my hands, and is ever a source of both intellectual and emotional support.  We indulged in Thai cuisine, this evening, and I was able to offer him a comfortable mattress and warm place to sleep, albeit in the living room of my one-bedroom abode.

Life, no matter what the day’s agenda or the events which bring it to fruition, has come to resemble a flow.  The water within is clear, and envigourating.

The Road to 65, Mile 325: So Much the Better


October 18, 2015, Prescott- I got in my start of the week workout, today, as tomorrow will be an exhausting day of catch-up at work.  I am almost where I need to be, on my job, to have established an identity for myself and to not feel the need to spend hours at the school, on weekends.  I also got an alarm clock, with a pied screen- each number is in a different colour.  The alarm is also a gentle buzz, which I prefer.  These are features that will make my winter wake-ups so much more pleasant.

I still watch my favourite TV shows, a day later, on the computer.  I have a huge, big box TV, which is fading.  It will need to go to big box TV heaven, when my son gets here and can help me lift it off the stand.  I won’t get a flat screen, right away.  Other things are a priority.

No hiking was done, this weekend.  Between the constant rain ( a blessing) and a long afternoon at work on Saturday, my agenda seemed ill-disposed towards leisure.  No matter, I will get in a goodly amount of time on the Prescott Circle and Black Canyon Recreation Trails, as well as in Sedona, between now and the Christmas holiday trip back East.  San Diego, over Thanksgiving, will also find me out in the fresh air, quite a bit.

So, the last month or so, before pushing the 65 Button, will be not lacking in a spirited life.