The Road to 65, Miles 341-42: The Flow

November 4-5, Chino Valley-  My son arrived on Wednesday evening, for a two-day visit.  Of necessity, he was on his own, for the better part of Thursday, as I had to care for the little ones.  Tasks ranging from administering spelling and reading tests, to enlightening a curious child as to why it is not a good idea to blend marker ink into a cup of drinking water, and call it “Blue Lemonade”, occupied me for the seven hours I devoted to work.

My days are certainly at once exasperating and exhilarating.  Children go through minor crises, and as long as the adults in their lives deal with these at the “minor” stage, they are just fine.  Besides, they notice the skillsets employed, and take these into themselves, for future reference.

My day starts an hour earlier than it used to, and in the dark.  Somehow, though, the tasks I face are de rigeur, and not as draining as they once were.  I chalk that up to the improvements wrought by my essential oil supplements, and the guidance offered me from the world beyond, both on a daily basis.

Son’s presence has made a happy difference, also.  He is taking his stored possessions off my hands, and is ever a source of both intellectual and emotional support.  We indulged in Thai cuisine, this evening, and I was able to offer him a comfortable mattress and warm place to sleep, albeit in the living room of my one-bedroom abode.

Life, no matter what the day’s agenda or the events which bring it to fruition, has come to resemble a flow.  The water within is clear, and envigourating.

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