Owls in Winter

January 7, 2016, Prescott-  This is a short ditty, in honour of a friend’s Winter, 2016 Scavenger Hunt.  (You realize this means I may do two posts a day, for the near future. )

Eyes doing a two-seventy

Surveying the snowscape

for signs that a small, gray meal

might attempt an escape.

Silly raptor,

the meals are all underground

Safe and warm,

in their nests nicely bound.

What is left for an owl to do,

but let out a plaintive


10 thoughts on “Owls in Winter

  1. Silly raptor indeed! In the arctic, the Arctic Fox runs along, and hears its prey under the snow — it leaps in a wonderful arc, and lands exactly on the poor mouse (or whatever)! No escaping the Arctic Fox — and meantime the Snowy Owl can only say ‘Hoo hoo, hoo!’ Nicely done, Gary!


  2. O.k., I was lost. May be it must because it is Saturday for me, and I am unable to capture many things.
    Wish a Very Happy New Year Gary, and I am slowly catching up with everyone now. 🙂


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