January 9, 2016, Prescott-  I read a discussion about the current downturn in investments, even as the economy is improving, overall.  It was explained there that what is happening is the repricing of stocks, akin to maintenance that is done on equipment, necessitating a brief shutdown.  This will supposedly take another week to complete, and stocks will decline a bit more.  Then, things will reset themselves, more realistically. That is a bit less threatening than the disorganized freefalls we saw in 1987 and 2008, to say nothing of the horrors our parents and grandparents saw in the Thirties.

It set me to thinking.  I have been in transition mode, since returning from southern California, last July.  Work is more urgent, and my sense of community is more front and center. We reprice ourselves, so to speak, whenever a change is felt to be needed.  Nobody, it seems, stays in a holding pattern, even when they think that’s what’s going on.

On my recent visit to the place of my childhood, I didn’t always get the feeling that I was understood by those around me.  I tended to speak more slowly and act more cautiously when there, and it wasn’t always comfortable.  Maybe because I had a fair amount of baggage, and often felt in the way, when I was growing up, I fell into a default pattern of behaviour.

So, I made an effort to stop myself, reprice, as it were, my worth and make the effort to do for others, this time around.  It wasn’t understood, or accepted, back there, but I am going with my renewed sense of self, anyway.  Revaluing myself means that no one, no matter how important they were in my life at one time, can knock me back down to a dependent state.  I have work to do, goals to accomplish and people to love.

16 thoughts on “Repricing

  1. It’s so very difficult to avoid falling back into those default behaviors! You’re doing well in revaluing yourself, whether or not it’s understood by others — chances are strongest that others will not understand when you behave differently than expected! And revaluing will help to prevent some of those all-to-common regrets when parents or siblings die. Good job!


  2. I can reprice you from coffee and doughnuts to straight up chasing indigestion for the next meal?? 😀 as to stocks, are you being served/bbc had a nice line… they’ll ride up with wear. 😉


  3. It’s admirable to be able to remember yourself in the midst of all that. Well done. We do get to choose who we are, moment to moment.


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