An Alligator’s Tale, and Other Tidbits

January 10, 2016, Prescott

I need to lighten up a bit, so here are # 2 and 3 of this Scavenger Hunt, given me by #Infiniterally

Scavenger Hunt, Winter 2016 ( can be subject, title, literally, conceptually, as  metaphor, merely incorporated in details, used thematically, used  as inspiration, but should use all elements from that prompt one way or another. Technically. Just let your mind wander between them- it will come to you 😉  ) ( I am doing them in order for the first time ever, but there is no actual rule about it) ( because there are no rules) ( except for maybe do something you love, every day.)

  1. an owl.
  2. a bonnet, pudding, alligator, stone, oboe, mermaid
  3. A doctor, a lost recipe, church.
  4. a herpetologist, obscure records, coffee, broken glasses.
  5. winter planets and constellations.
  6. love letter, werewolves, taxi service, lost key, fish sticks.
  7. Everlastings
  8. strange noises, wax paper, narcolepsy, gold fish, red head.
  9. Hibernation
  10. vivisection, ants, Scandinavia, horseshoe, susurration
  11. Things that shouldn’t be discussed in present company
  12. happiness, beet root, angels, tacks, noose
  13. first kiss, a planet, a type of plant, bread crumbs
  14. conch shell, a memory, pending failure, root beer.
  15. portrait of the artist as ______________
  16. contains a line from 18th century poetry
  17. wet sheets, fire, corvids, milk
  18. garden shed, moon, antlers,
  19. mild, ochre, bulb, tail, scale
  20. sonnet, astronaut, cheese, glitter, karaoke
  21. gin, delicate, hook, basset hound, pearls, hibiscus
  22. contains a line from a famous diarist.
  23. tea, tiger, night, train, television, tie
  24. tower, kettle, hawk, charm, cotton
  25. Contains a quote from a notable convicted felon.
  26. stag, crown, high beams, pin, reckless
  27. thumb, thistle, whistle, blizzard, canned peaches, bell
  28. contains a line from a National Geographic
  29. algebra, lip, chalk, music, hair, eyelash, storm
  30. hamster, ornamental grass, Tokyo, phone book, popcorn machine
  31. ice fishing, sock, coyote, magazines, deception
  32. embryo, kangaroos, peat, bones, blister, ring
  33. conceptual art
  34. con-artist, puberty, spider venom, Cheetos.
  35. contains a line from
  36. oil, dog fish, huevos rancheros, estranged sibling, pocket knife
  37. something that happened in first grade, a Winnebago, a rocket kit.
  38. heron, billiards, locket, guitar pick, promise, scar
  39. contains a line from a Bob Dylan song.
  40. rain dance, microscope, mercury, road trip, beef jerky
  41. contains a line from a historical document
  42. mystery, flannel, honey, long-distance romance, elm leaf
  43. bergamont, denim, elevated, keening, millipede, going dutch
  44. contains line from the label on  a house-hold product
  45. comic books, poison ivy, chain, fire pit, tooth
  46. Flight of the Bumble Bee, blue eye shadow, garage door, wiener dog
  47. ganache, cancellation, magnifying lens, unmentionable sex toy, birds
  48. hypoglycemic, tarragon, mountains, fleas, stitches, Dear John
  49. contains a line from a utility bill.
  50. tadpoles, anniversary, pin prick, bbq sauce, teleportation, geneology
  51. blood oranges
  52. contains a line from a short story written in 1957.
  53. treasure map, turkey vultures, dodge pick up, mosaic, port-a-potty
  54. fork, cockroach, iceberg, tendril, regret
  55. Northern lights, prehensile, love in all its forms, dish soap
  56. chain saw, archipelago, tandem, rabbit, emerald
  57. phobias
  58. an ornithologist, bad jokes, erector set, cormorant, Elvis
  59. folk musician, cabbage, elk, fortified, mystified, terrified.
  60. Emu, lunatic, drone, missing, Hank Williams, music box
  61. fur trader, damsel fly, okra, true love’s kiss, organ donation
  62. Contains a line from a pet care manual.
  63. secretion, ambulance, dahlia, gale, Job, tassles
  64. hula dancer, subway, harpoon, faith, Moscato
  65. botany
  66. beautician, spaceship, hot dogs, Fig Newtons, The Grateful Dead
  67. pirates, foil, needle, turpentine, wigs, garden gnome
  68. contains a line from a movie starring Anthony Hopkins.
  69. alchemy
  70. orchard, denial, ember, last call, insomnia, pigeons.

It was almost 8 A.M., and the sun was getting a bit too high in the sky for the swamp creatures to stay close to the water’s surface.  Alphonse, being a grouchy sort of alligator, decided to stop checking out the nosy, noisy humans who were standing around his corner of the pond.

The bayou is fairly close to the Gulf, and the water in this particular pond was getting to be a bit brackish.  Alphonse was getting used to more salt in his food and drink, though it was giving him a fair amount of indigestion, though not nearly as much as he had after that oil spill.

It seems funny now, but he had somehow managed to end up wearing a child’s bonnet, after that accident.  It had fallen into the water, been carried to the bayou and covered Al’s head and eyes.  He bonked into a rather large retaining wall stone, while thrashing around, trying to get the darned thing off.  Tourists gathered and were photographing the hapless alligator.  One, who was eating butterscotch pudding, from a cup, listened to Alphonse’s growling and moaning.  He said the gator reminded him of a mermaid playing an oboe.

It’s not all fun and games, being an alligator.

#3- Doctor Miranda’s wife was a bit ill today, so he generously offered to take her enchiladas con pollo to the parish potluck. He placed the recipe in his suit pocket, in case any of the other ladies wanted it, after eating some of his dear Luisa’s signature dish.

As he was going towards the parish meeting room, after church services were finished, he took the recipe out to make sure he understood all the terms.  A gust of wind came up and blew the recipe out of the good doctor’s hands and off into a copse of trees.

Everyone raved about the enchiladas, though.


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