Old Sod

March 17, 2016, Prescott- 

Paddy, my brother,

what did you find,

while walking the fair isle’s countryside?

Brigid, dear sister,

it gleamed up at me,

a golden shamrock,

which I’ve brought home to thee.

Paddy, o brother,

I fear that you’ve erred.

The golden stone surely

was meant to be interred.

Brigid, dear sister,

do you mean to say

the sprite named Liam

shall spirit it away?


I sense his presence,

on the roof.

Liam! Stop,

let us have the shamrock.

Sorry, kiddos-


14 thoughts on “Old Sod

  1. I vaguely remember a St Brigid of roughly 851/852A.D who made the light of art and craftmanship shine so much brighter for the Dark Ages. ..it’s what gets trying to make an irish themed history trivia for St patrick’s day… the Irishman vetting it said who and otherwise wondered why most of my facts were depressing 😀 oh well, mad harry fergusson – yes of that old show “married with Children” The Fergusson Toilet…was known for our modern tractor design still in use today of large backwheels littler front ones ala 26 being ireland’s daredevil first flyer 09 and of course that toilet and other industries. please note the mad harry fergusson in that while this one wasn’t his, other irishman thought highly of the notion of the waterproof tea bag…yes it is actually a fine idea til you say it out loud 😉 and we’d not have a modern Christmas without people picking on the Irish as much of it’s slams of the time are jollier festivities without the social smear most would recognize – ahh some irish 😀


  2. Starman Jones- There once was a fishwife, used to being dismissed by her bossy husband and three sons. The mister and his boyos, one day, gave her more than she cared for. As it happened, a sprite appeared, and with a wink, offered the disrespected dame a wish. “Why, I’d like to show that man o’mine a comeuppance, in front o’ his boyos!” “Soon to happen.”, snickered the faerie. The first thing the man did, when he got back from the day’s meager catch, was to sit on the throne. As he was lost in his reverie, an odd thing happened. The toilet began to lift up, and busted through the roof of the privy, man o’ the castle and all. As his sons looked on in amazement, their partner in disrespect to their Sainted Mother was seen, an unwilling, shrieking passenger on the oddest of projectiles, with an odd rain coming down in his wake. The boyos learned to respect their Sainted Mum.


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