The Collision of Two Fears

March 19, 2016, Prescott-  I see  on the news that a large crowd amassed, in front of a Trump rally, in an attempt to make the would-be participants turn back.  This was a bit like asking  a leopard to shed his spots, rather than merely change them.

The whole incident shows what happens when one group of like-minded people become so fearful- of another fearful group- that all reason goes by the boards.  Isn’t this how wars get going, full-on?  The fact is, as I mentioned on a conservative friend’s page, elsewhere:  There is a First Amendment, that allows people to gather, and give voice to their opinions, no matter how odious those might seem to others.

The key is to let them rant, while holding one and all to a civil code that draws the line at violence.  Not letting people speak, because one is afraid of what they might say, is pretty much a guarantee that they will say it more often, and louder.  I think the man who slugged another man, at a rally in N.C., was crossing the line.  Yet, so too, was the mob that blocked traffic in a town west of Phoenix, this afternoon.

I have friends who support a variety of candidates for President.  Each has the right to their opinion, and I, to mine, which I am keeping to myself.  I would not deign to presume that a given person should vote differently than the way they feel.  All I know is, giving in to one’s darkest fears is no way to solve a problem-ever.

8 thoughts on “The Collision of Two Fears

  1. It’s been interesting to watch both sides in these Trump disruptions accusing the other of denying their 1st amendment rights. As you said, this is exactly how we get to violent behavior, and eventually riots or wars. The lack of personal control on everybody’s part does not bode well for a peaceful summer!


  2. I saw the black man been slugged by the white dude. Which was awful. And then the police arrested that guy and took him away, while the white dude feeling heroic for what he did.
    All those who protest, have the right to protest. But should have allowed them to protest outside, so they wouldn’t upset the rally going on. I know in Canada too, it is not easy to voice your opinion about the candidate you like as Prime Minister.


    • The white man was charged with assault, in short order. His mug shot went viral, but no matter. People as well-bred and erudite as Charles Krauthammer and Froma Harrop (opposite ends of the political spectrum) have spoken out in criticism of the intolerance of Right and Left alike.


  3. I agree! We have to let them say what they want. Freedom demands it! We all want freedom and we need to let others have their say so we can have ours.


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