On Quartz Mountain

April 9, 2016, Prescott- Last Sunday, I threw in a 1-mile round trip side trail, to my Prescott Circle jaunt.  Quartz Mountain is a unique promontory, in the mostly pine-clad, dry-soil terrain that is prominent in the western half of Prescott Circle.  It appears to be the remnant of a volcano, which also makes sense, given that quartz is scattered from White Spar to an area just west of Thumb Butte.

I had the brief company of two men and three children, who had been atop the mountain for an hour or so, studying the quartz and learning of the different colour blends.  Most, as you will see, are white quartz, though there is a fair amount of pink, and some two-tone.


East side of Quartz Mountain

I checked out this area, just below the summit, before heading up.

The views from any point near the summit are thrilling.


San Francisco Peaks, from Quartz Mountain

Now, here are several scenes of the summit.


Iron-tinged white and gray quartz, Quartz Mountain summit


Southwestward, from Quartz Mountain, towards Sierra Prieta


View of Quartz Mountain summit crest, from just underneath


Agave and prickly pear cacti, Quartz Mountain summit

As you can see, the desert aspects of Prescott’s status as a transition zone are quite prolific, even at 6,000 feet.

This little gem is one of several good reasons for side hikes, off the main Circle Trail system.

As it happened, today (April 9), was a good day for Segment 3 of the Circle.  It’ll be featured in the next post.

12 thoughts on “On Quartz Mountain

  1. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Piezoelectricity on the chance you knew this would be my first association. 😉 the frequency of the quartz movement is stable and thus countable- thus for x amount of the juice the crystal will resonate a frequency that can be counted and thus actuate the movement of a watch – cheap and exquisitely precise for the money. i didn’t know about the scanning electron microscope stuff. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Quartz because it’s helpful to see proof of chemical makeup..SiO2 – or not only does the quarts make a fine watch, it also makes it possible to see infront of your very eyes the possible salvation of the modern world via silicone based solar cells ;)… actual glass too is? remelted quarts..powder that is. so- the very things that let us live the modern life were right there before your eyes and also save it from fossil fuel wasteful energy production. yes, it’s not just a pretty rock fo suburban landscaping – it sparks when pressurized under some conditions…thus it’s a lighter, it’s a watch, it’s your windows, it’s your fancy camera focusings, it’s your sciencey stuff to see into the world beyond our normal abilities..


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