Irons and Fire

April 20, 2016, Flagstaff- En route to this superb university town, in northern Arizona’s Sky Islands, known otherwise as the San Francisco Peaks, I thought of the various “irons” in my collective fire.  Interestingly, each time I consider letting one of these go by the wayside, something occurs to put it back, front and center, again.

My Baha’i beliefs are the core of my being, so they are only becoming more important, as the bedrock for everything else. Working with children and youth is the next level, and as it gives me a livelihood, also is unquestionably important.

I am not the world’s greatest businessman, but sharing and educating on the use of Certified Pure, Therapeutic Grade essential oils is crucial to my commitment to promoting health and wellness.  There are many people and companies claiming to have the “finest” such products.  I can only testify to what works for me.

I am not available as often as the Red Cross might like, but being ready to step in, on the occasion of a local emergency, during the school year, and anytime when I am off work, even when on the road, is also not something I will relinquish.

Then, there are my itchy feet, the icing on the cake.

It’s a good life,  of many pieces.  Have you ever felt like you needed to give up one of your activities?

12 thoughts on “Irons and Fire

  1. That’s a good list of irons in your fire. Enough to keep you busy and interested, but not too many! I’m feeling a little the opposite — after a somewhat idle winter, I’m ready to pick up some of the pieces again — maybe a day trip soon, and a little more time outside/away from the daily work at home.


  2. Gary, I seem to cycle through trying to simplify my life and doing more things. It is so difficult to focus my life in only one direction, the Faith’s core activities and building the Kingdom. Things I have given up in recent history: French Club member, Board member for PV Community Garden, Board member and FSG facilitator for NAMI (as of this January), Board member and secretary of Folk Happens! Contradance committee. Each was excruciatingly difficult to give up. My replacement activities revolve around being an assistant, working a little more at the college, children’s classes, community building, caring for my father, getting his groceries and mail and spending time, connecting on FB with Baha’i postings, and Hopefully having more time for reflection, alone time and connecting with people at work. M y OA practices are many and involve cooking every meal, calling 3 people and sponsor daily, etc, etc, etc. As my therapist framed it: In my past I have been overcommitted but now I am finding balance in my life. That affirmation is my goal..


  3. Many times along the way it has become clear that it was time to release my hold (sometimes a stranglehold) on various things. One that comes to mind is a home we lived in that became quite intolerable but being a person that Baha’u’llah has to sometimes drag through change, I was reluctant. Through prayer and positive thoughts, I proceeded to release my attachment and moved on. That really is what we are talking about, huh? Detachment.


  4. I suppose in quests for peace and or enlightment it is that moment you don’t hear it but it is unsaid apparent the truth of choices. no judgments, no pressure just a unsaid truth of what is and the choice to do with it as need be. I remember one long past now year a thought via one of those year forecasts for fun where it said i would see a friend go by my choice- in a way it was true but the thoughts behind that and the ultimate truth wasn’t what appeared to make sense at the time- such is the fun of forecasts, it’s the subtlety of us thinking on it …maybe it occurs prophetically? heh. anyways, yeah…


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