April 21, 2016, Prescott-  I have been thinking, a lot, about the recent flurry of earthquakes that have caused so much destruction in places like Manta, Ecuador and Kumamoto, Japan.  on our turbulent planet, quakes seem to come and go in series, but the truth is, Earth is never still.

Some react to these events by issuing stern warnings about the “Big One”.  Others, and I include myself in this category, have been rather “business as usual”, in that regard.  I don’t feel like anything humongous, other than at a relatively local level, is going to happen, any time soon.  I have an emergency bag at the ready, but that has as much to do with living at the edge of a dry forest, as it is about getting ready to flee a broken coastline.

Nonetheless, there is only so much turbulence that our resilient planet can handle, so the question begs:  How seriously do we take the prophecies of doom?

9 thoughts on “Seismic

  1. When I was away from home at work every day, I had a small box in the car with some food and some water. At home, the worst that would happen is that the house would collapse — if so I probably could not get to an emergency kit, so why bother! If there is a huge quake, any damage is likely to be localized. I keep thinking it would be wise to keep 5 gallons of water somewhere in the house, but haven’t done that yet! Having said all that, I also have a theory that, since many of the quakes are subduction quakes (one plate sliding under another), the planet will at some point implode, and it will take us all with it at that time!


  2. I think it’s always good to prepare for emergencies. Arizona has had volcanoes in the past, many of them.Around here it’s tornadoes that come along every once in awhile. We shouldn’t worry. The Bible says ‘as long as the earth remaineth, seedtime and harvest, summer and winter shall not cease’. I believe that but sometimes my mind panics. 😛


  3. How prepared is too prepared? It’s an interesting question. If one begins to feel overly anxious, that may be a sign.


  4. I guess I tend to be a combination of fatalistic and faith-filled. I figure if it’s part of His plan that we cease to exist, there is nothing I can do about that so I focus on the faith part and go on. I must say that I am not practically prepared at all. That is probably foolish.


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